iced tea & marathon tips

So many reasons I’m grateful to live (and run) in DC. One: Teddy Roosevelt Island.IMG_0276Two: Mount Vernon trail + a sunrise.IMG_0279Three: Abundant wildlife?IMG_0273Four: Monuments and (almost blooming) cherry blossoms.IMG_0280And five: Good friends to run with!IMG_0272I set out for my run solo this morning but ran right into Miriam at the beginning of my jog! She kept me company for the first five miles and then I finished the remaining 8.1 solo. Unless you count Rihanna and Beyoncé who kept me company and kept me going strong the whole time.

The next 2-3 weeks are peak mileage weeks for me which means there will be a lot of running. A lot of running.

And if actually running isn’t enough, there will also be a lot of talking about running. Last night I met up with a friend for a chat at Tryst, a coffee/wine bar in Adams Morgan. It’s filled with couches and hipster stuff that makes you want to cross-process all of your pictures for a vintage look, which is exactly what I have done below.P1010060I was shocked that we finally got a seat because this place is always packed. But anyways.

My friend just completed her first half marathon and is thinking of training for a full marathon. She wanted my (unprofessional) advice on training for a first marathon. I wouldn’t say I get asked about this all the time or anything, but a few people do ask me about it on occasion. So. Here are some tips I have for first-time marathoners:

  • Make your goal to finish the race, not to “race” the race. Don’t compare yourself to elite runners and remember that running a marathon — no matter how slow — is an incredible feat!
  • Get good shoes. Go to a running store and have someone watch you run.
  • Join a running group, because running 15+ miles solo is terribly discouraging and lonely. Being part of a club gives you access to advice, support, friendships and so much more!
  • Get a Garmin or other mileage/pace watch. You’ll need to it properly pace yourself and it’s super handy if you lose track of a route. A Garmin (or Nike+ Sportwatch) From what I hear, smartphone running aps are not accurate and can miscalculate your mileage by up to a full mile!
  • For your longest long run, go up to at least 20 miles. Some training programs only go up to 18 miles and I personally think that’s a bit low. “Tacking on” 8.1 miles on race day is definitely not easy, no matter how much adrenaline you have!
  • Don’t regularly skip your training runs. You might think that shaving off 5-10 miles per week is no big deal, but recovery runs and easy runs help you build you base and stay strong!

And, drink lots of water. P1010059I actually got Tryst’s pineapple-infused iced tea, which was delicious!

Have a sunny day!

  • What’s the best running tip you’ve ever gotten?
  • How many miles did you run today?
  • Tea: iced or hot?

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  1. Beautiful photos!! 🙂 And thank you for the timely marathon training advice. I just started using my Garmin watch today (instead of Runkeeper), and now I’m thinking about replacing my old running shoes and finding a running group, at least for the longer runs. Good luck with your peak mileage weeks!

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