sNOw run

The SNOW!IMG_0262Just when we thought winter was over, Mother Nature hit us with the white stuff. Anthony and I (carefully) drove home and ate lots of junk food to pass the time.2013-03-24I can’t go into a gas station without buying a snack.

Anthony and I weren’t really hungry for dinner after partaking in so many roadside treats, but we felt like we needed to eat a vegetable. So we made tofu and veggie teriyaki._DSC0676Did you know that teriyaki sauce is really easy to make? Apparently it is just soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger, and a few other fixins. I’m going to try this recipe next time instead of buying bottled teriyaki sauce.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I had to cancel my run today because the flurries have continued.IMG_0267So I joined Anthony and went to CrossFit instead. Mondays are difficult enough to wake up early for, and crappy weather on top of that can make it worse! But we persevered just so we could have the satisfaction of writing our names on a whiteboard.IMG_0268My shoes feel like giant, soggy sponges and I still haven’t unpacked from the weekend! What a wild morning.

  • Is it snowing in your town?
  • Have you ever made your own teriyaki sauce?
  • What was your run like today?


  1. heidi

    Im in So Cal so no snow but my family lives in Baltimore and they’re so over it. I’ve never made teriyaki sauce but i’d love to try! my run stunk last night. I ran 11 miles on saturday and didnt feel sore. started running last night and thought my legs would shatter into 1000 pieces! luckily it went away quickly but i lost my motivation and only did 4 miles.

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