puppies and priests

Greetings from Virginia!

Anthony and I bolted after my run and his rugby game yesterday. Anthony didn’t even have time to shower and we sat together in the car for 4+ hours. Now that is true love.DSC02713The ride probably would have been more like three hours but I have to stop to go to the bathroom about every 25 minutes.

Anyways, we made it to the little town of Moneta, Virginia and stepped into the cutest, quietest bed and breakfast.DSC02715Cedar Pointe is run by a lovely older couple who make really delicious foods!_DSC0650On top of that, you get to savor warm scones and egg-and-cheese stratas while peering out onto the sun-dazzled lake. It’s so quiet here you can hear the rain drops sort of trickle against the windows._DSC0654I meant to take a picture of the scones but I think we ate all ten of them in two minutes. I need to make scones more often!
_DSC0652The owners also have this super-energetic puppy that has been entertaining us this morning.

Eventually we made it into the living room to stretch out. My hamstrings, calves, and hips (aka all of my entire legs) were feeling really sore after the big run and long drive yesterday so I went to YogaDownload.com for a 35-minute routine. I can’t take yoga very seriously mentally but I know that physically it is a seriously good thing._DSC0664Why are we in this random town in Virginia, you ask? Because we are here to meet up with the priest that’s going to marry us! We went to a mass he was guest preaching at yesterday and then joined him for dinner at a relative’s house. We were starving (like usual) and we so, so happy to have such good food and good company for the night. IMG_0254We ate with two priests, a cousin, the cousin’s son, and two more adorable puppies. The priests were really fun and Inkwell made the night complete! This is one of Anthony and my favorite wines and we impressed the priest (who is also a wine connoisseur) with it.IMG_0259And now we have a few more wedding-ceremony tasks to tie up before we hit the road again. I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend!

  • What’s your favorite wine?
  • Do you usually stay at b&bs or at hotels?
  • Which is the best: scone, muffin, or pastry?


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