cloudy with mattresses

Weekend forecast: Cloudy with a chance of mattresses.IMG_0198Other than our trek to the grocery store, Anthony and I spent most of yesterday avoiding the gloomy outdoors. Last week was pretty high mileage and I was happy to finally have a rest day.

Running was still on the agenda, though, in a different way. ‘Twas the DC Road Runners annual banquet!P1010045About 80 members attended. We talked about all the club accomplishments,wore name tags, elected a new board, and ate lots of pasta.P1010043After a grueling and extremely competitive election process and intensely debated results, I was nominated Membership Coordinator for the 3rd year in a row. OMG.

Also I didn’t realize how obnoxious that chandelier was until I started uploading these photos. Anthony and I are definitely putting one on our registry. It will look great in a 700 square foot apartment right?!P1010038The highlight of the night was listening to Olympian Julie Culley speak. She was inspirational and humble.2012 USA Olympic Track and Field TrialsShe told her story and then opened up discussion for questions. In addition to a lot of information about professional racing and the life of a sponsored athlete, she also shared some of her training tips.

One thing she said was that she makes time to do everything possible to mentally and physically prepare herself for a race. This includes quality workouts (obviously) PLUS weekly physical therapy, messages, and chiropractic care. And she takes naps daily. I’m sure the life of a professional track star is not glamorous, but I have to say that daily naps and weekly massages must be pretty nice.

Another highlight of the night was sharing it with my super-supportive fiance! Awwwww.
P1010046Thanks for a fun night, Road Runners!

Today’s forecast? Basically the same as yesterday’s.

Mo’ clouds.IMG_0201Mo’ mattresses.IMG_0203Never a better way to kick off the week in my opinion!

  • What professional athletes inspire you?
  • What’s the weather like in your town?
  • Favorite type of pasta noodle?! Angel hair? Penne? Bowtie?!

Of interest:



  1. Chelsea

    Angel hair for the win! Also, I have to ask – is that a normal number of on-the-street matresses, or was this weekend especially popular for them? 🙂

    • hahaha, it is a totally normal amount of mattresses. it’s a phenomenon in DC! whenever i spot street furniture i take a picture for the blog.
      love angel hair, but it’s so difficult to eat! i like fusilli because it is freaking cute.

      • Chelsea

        That’s such a crazy phenomena – and I thought I saw weird stuff on the street during my Sunday morning runs in a college town! I think that the mini macaroni would be my second favorite, just because it’s a mini-version, and I love almost all things miniature 🙂

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