yes I am

It might be a grey day…IMG_0188But it is a good day.

I took it “easy” today and “only” ran 16 miles. Isn’t it funny how marathon training messes with your head? What seemed impossible a month or two ago is now chump change. Post-marathon, I’ll look back and be like, “Was I crazy?”

Yes I am.

I strolled down to the Mall to spot some of the Rock ‘N Roll racers! Good job to all 30,000 of you.IMG_0185I covered eight miles solo, and eight miles with the Nike Women’s Half group… and then, I walked an additional mile to go watch Anthony play rugby. Nothing like walkin’ with an egg sandwich.IMG_0190I watched the teams play for a bit; and then, like last week, got recruited onto the field! Don’t worry, I only played for like 20 minutes so all in all only tacked on maybe an extra mile running around. It’s such a fun game I can’t just sit and watch!IMG_0194Since all of these photos are sort of glum let’s brighten things up:P1010004-002The other day I had a burst of culinary creativity and decided to pursue a lifelong dream: making my own hummus.

Now that I own a Ninja blender, it was easy as cake! Or, easy as hummus. Which is actually much easier to make than a cake.P1010001-001I followed this recipe and added more oil and tahini until it reached the taste and consistency I like. I had some extra sundried tomatoes from when I made Leah’s soup the other day, so I threw those in half of the batch for extra kick!P1010006-002The result was just as good as Sabra in my opinion and costs about $1,000,000 less in the long term. Plus when I whipped out my tupperware of homemade hummus at the office, I got tons of praise. OMG YOU’RE THE GIRL THAT MAKES HER OWN HUMMUS?!

Yes I am. (And you can be, too! Because it is so easy.)

But back to Leah: I need to post this photo to prove that she doesn’t only wear black. Although we usually hang out in leggings in the dark, yesterday we met up for lunch like real people in normal clothes and it was awesome.

P1010033Have a colorful day!

  • Do you think you go a little crazy when you are training for a race?
  • Do you wear colors, or neutrals?
  • Have you ever made your own hummus?


  1. Judy Nagy

    Never made my own hummus, but great idea. Loved reading ..minutes per mile, Mary. Your Dad shared with us that you had a blog.

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