no burritos

They should rename “daylight savings” “no-light mornings.”

Because hello, people, some of us don’t care about saving the light until the afternoon.
IMG_0175Let there be light in the morning! Earlier than 7:10 a.m. would be wonderful but at least I got to catch a peek of the sun at the end of my jog.IMG_0177Last tough week run before Saturday! Thursdays feel more like Fridays to me because I usually take Fridays off or do something easy. Yay.

So, last night I got to meet the brains behind Active Life DC. Troy started this cool website as a hub for all things sporty and active around town, and I’ve been really happy to help contribute to his project!P1010016We discussed running, martial arts, yoga, CrossFit, and soooo much more about the active scene in DC over some refreshing beers at El Tamarindo. He has a great vision for the site and I’m glad DC finally has a landing spot for all activities. Our city has a lot of specific clubs and publications, but not many all-inclusive athletic organizations. Rumor has it that Active Life is going to set up a sporty blogger meet-and-greet… now THAT would be fun to go to. Nothing like a bunch of (active) internet geeks all in the same place.

I would have loved to stay at Tamarindo for a big greasy burrito, but Anthony and I gave up eating out for Lent! So tough!

So we went to his place for barbecue chicken wraps and broccoli. Which were probably a much better decision than a burrito anyways.P1010019Barbecue sauce is probably my favorite condiment and one of my big life goals is to try and make it myself. I just looked up this recipe from The Neelys and think I just found my weekend project.

Side note about The Neelys: I used to do my long runs on the treadmill in college every Saturday morning and would watch their show at 9 a.m. each week. They’re kind of loud but I hold a special place for them in my heart.Neelys2_lores

When Anthony and I are married and living together, we are going to dress up and pose like this in our grandiose kitchen all the time.

Until then, though, I’ll be forever short on time. I have so much to ramble about but life must go on — so, here’s a list of interesting reads I found today. Passed on to you, because sharing is what the internet was made for 🙂

  • Have you ever made your own barbecue sauce?
  • Favorite Foot Network chef?!
  • Do you like daylight savings?


  1. olivetorun

    I don’t love the darkness in the morning either but I LOVE a good sunrise 🙂 and the extended daylight at night.

  2. Have you ever made your own barbecue sauce?
    – Yes! And it was disgusting! I’ll stick to store bought.

    Favorite Foot Network chef?!
    – I love them all for different reasons… But I prefer the cooking competition shows to the straight up cooking shows.

    Do you like daylight savings?
    – Gosh no. it makes no sense and we should never switch again.

    *Side bar – how do you motivate yourself to not ‘phone it in’ as I put it and run on the treadmill – especially with not so nice weather/darkness? I can’t get myself outside except for my long runs.

    I’m running the Rock n’ Roll USA Half Marathon this weekend and depending on how it goes, I’ll be signing up for the MCM Marathon in October for my First Marathon!

  3. My husband makes his own BBQ sauce ( a recipe that’s been passed down his family forever…) it’s good! I hated day light savings when I had to work early but now I work late and like it 🙂

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