boys and girls

Jackpot.20130309_224531Yes, you can now find an Anthony Lambkin $2 bill! His friend (who’s a graphic designer/professional counterfeiter) hosted a boys’ poker night where Tones brought in major moolah. Or so I hear — I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t invited!

While he was with the guys, I was with the girls:P1000997In addition to Bob Marley T-shirts, Miriam can pull of a bike helmet like a real fashionista 🙂

I made black bean burgers for the occasion — the same ones I made here. The recipe is super easy and I just sort of wing it and throw in whatever veggies are around. This time around I went with onion, peppers, and a yellow squash.P1000991Leah came in with a lovely salad. The perfect side!P1000992Paired with wine and very deep, humorous, and girly discussion, this meal was perfect.P1000995Thanks for coming over ladies!

Staying girly, let’s talk about shopping. This week I was surprised to find a gift from Ellie (formerly PV body). If you love fitness clothes and spend way too much money on them, then maybe Ellie’s for you. The new brand makes sweet workout gear which you can either by as a free agent, or buy as a subscription-based member. As a member, you pay $50 a month and get two (somewhat) random items per month, which are selected based on your size, style preferences, and sport type.

IMG_0156Ellie sent me the Just Like Heaven top and the New Obsession leggings. What fitting names!

The leggings are a bit thinner than my hardcore winter leggings — perfect for fall or spring running. They’re also made of more nylon than spandex, which means they’re super light and stretchy (and, a bit more see-through! I wouldn’t get them in a light color!). They fit me well and don’t have nagging waistbands or seams. My biggest complaint is that these don’t have a pocket for keys — but since they’re so thin and tight, that would probably look weird and bulgy.

The top feels super soft and is made of “sweat-wicking” material. Not itchy, not too tight! Just right.

I wore both of them today while Anthony and I went on a little jog and then hit the gym. They felt wonderful the whole time. Ellie send me both of these items for free and all of the opinions stated are my own. Being honest!

Have a good Sunday!

  • What is your favorite brand of workout gear?
  • How often do you shop for new running/fitness clothes?
  • Do you put ketchup or mustard or both or neither on your burger?


  1. I almost never shop for new workout clothes. Not because I don’t want to but because I’m a bit tight with $$.

    I put tomato sauce (ketchup) and BBQ sauce (not sure what that is in the US) on my burgers

  2. I live in workout clothes, especially since my new gig (dog running/walking) requires me to be outdoors all day. I do like Lululemon, but I can’t really afford it. Moving Comfort is also another fav, as they only make workout clothes for women.

  3. Leah

    Mary, I just realized I am wearing what looks like the exact same thing in both of these posts! For all Mary’s readers, I promise it was a different jacket and different pants. They just look exactly the same.

    I think I need to sign up for this fitness gear thing just so I’m not always wearing black leggings and a black zip up?

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