i <3 saturday

All good Saturday mornings…IMG_0150… are a result of a good Friday night.P1000983Anthony whipped up some chicken pesto pasta. Guess what the ingredients are? Chicken, homemade pesto, and pasta (… and a bit of cheese never hurts!). So simple and so good. Ever since he made this same dish on Christmas, I’ve been hoping for Round #2!

P1000984And since I had 21 miles on the menu for this morning, a pasta dinner sounded like a carb-tastic idea.

Though I probably could have rolled into bed after pounding so much pasta, we instead decided to party. With Team EZ Pass.P1000990
The whole gang got together for an end-of-season celebration. We recapped our final championship moments together, saw each other in real clothes, met each other’s significant others, and ate cupcakes. It was cool.

But not as cool as the reflective blue shoes that one party guest sported. These kicks were the highlight of the night.P1000989We crashed early and then I woke up to a big fat run. Lucky for me, Catherine had to run forever this morning, too! We paired up and covered allllll 21 big ones together. Now THAT is a good friend.

IMG_0151To tackle ginormous jogs, I find it really helpful to mentally break up the run, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Catherine and I tackled this run in segments — first, 7 miles to Haines Point (picture at the top of this post!); then 7 miles to Georgetown Running Company…IMG_0127… and then, seven with the Nike Women’s group! A new trainee kept us cranking out a solid 8:20/8:10 pace the whole time which was exhausting and exhilarating. This is their “We’re FINISHED OMG” faces:IMG_0153The last time I posted my route, I was surprised how many clicks it got! So since there are other people in the world who like to look at 21-mile jogs, here’s a loose recollection of our jog, starting at Columbia Heights metro.

Again, I could have rolled into bed at this point, but I decided to party. Anthony plays rugby on Saturday mornings and the team just moved to a new location, which made it easy for me to swing by right after my run!

I showed up to sit on my butt and watch… except the teams were uneven by one player which meant I HAD TO PLAY.

IMG_0155I have never played rugby and my legs were like Jello, so I don’t know if I contributed much on the field. But it was super fun and I definitely want to play again!

When I finally got home I ate everything in sight, took a shower, and am now laying in bed like the happiest person in the world. Saturday mornings rule.

  • What’s your usual Saturday morning routine?
  • How do you approach long runs?
  • Have you ever played rugby?


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