Happy Friday!IMG_0146I feel like I say this every week, but this week went by so fast. Where does the time go?

All the running and CrossFitting in the wee hours of the morning make it easy for me to pass right out at night. I am asleep within about 2 minutes of touching a pillow. I wonder if that’s why the days seem to go by in one single blur?

Speaking of blur, check out this Friday fuzzy photo:IMG_0148Since I started blogging I am slowly holding less and less shame when it comes to asking people to take photos. This girl at CrossFit was like, “who is this crazy asking me to take a lovey-dovey picture of her with this dude?” And Anthony was like, “who is this crazy I’m getting married to?” Sorry everyone, but the blog must go on.

This week’s salad was “cobb”-inspired. P1000978Arugula, hardboiled egg, tomato, snow peas, beets, avocado, turkey, craisins, bacon (a mix of turkey bacon and regular bacon).P1000979 I’m especially proud for nixing the cheese in this recipe since I typically drown all of my salads in either bleu cheese or feta. The avocado, egg, and bacon give it plenty of creaminess and fat!

Remember when “phat” was cool? Let’s bring it back. Have a phat Friday.

  • What 90s slang word is your favorite?
  • Best cheese to put on a salad?
  • Do you get shy asking people to take photos?


    • Oh, you’re right! I rarely buy it though, because it is so sticky/messy to deal with and I get goat cheese all over my hands or it lumps together in my tupperware! Cheese logistics can be so overwhelming you know.

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