Wouldn’t it be nice to be back in bed?!DSC02694The “snow” has cleared and DC is back on track. I checked in on the President to make sure everything was in order and he said we all have to go back to work.DSC02695-001Did you know Obama is considered the fittest president in US history? Actually, Business Insider calls him not “the fittest,” but “the most fit,” which is wrong according to Webster, but let’s not let the grammatical errors distract from Obama’s inspiring healthy lifestyle.obamaApparently he exercises for 45 minutes a day, six times a week, alternating strength and cardio. On our run today, Anthony and I decided he must get zero sleep. How does he find time to do all of that?

Forget finding time to jog while running the country; I was proud that I found time to cook something this week.P1000975-001After Leah made this delicious sundried tomato soup, I made her give me the recipe so I could recreate it myself! I blended in a can of chickpeas to make it a bit heartier and used light coconut milk instead of full-fat. Anthony and I liked it, but decided it was a bit too rich to have as a main course. Definitely tasty but destined to be a side dish.

Not like that stopped us from devouring it. 🙂P1000968Per the President’s order, it’s time to get back to work! Have a good day!

  • Did it snow in your town?
  • Do you find it hard to find time to work out?
  • Best tomato soup: sundried tomato, creamy tomato, plain tomato, or tomato and rice?


  1. It never snows in my town; I’m in the subtropics so if it snows here it’s a sign the ice age is starting. 😉 .

    Sometimes I struggle to find time to train because I work full time, study part time at university, am a Scout Leader, volunteer as a Justice of the Peace at my local shopping center and race most weekends. But somehow I always manage because I love being outdoors 🙂

  2. Wow. Good for Mr. President! He does look fit though! I am about 20 miles south of DC and we got about 6 inches. Crazy because lots of my coworkers saw NONE.

    I’ve never been a huge tomato soup fan. Hearty soups are where it’s at. I’d definitely try them though!

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