The Snowquester might have hit us this morning…IMG_0142(and is picking up as the morning goes on!)


…but everything is pretty much the same inside my apartment.P1000964I start most days off with a piece of toast and coffee. It took me a long time to figure out what works and doesn’t work for me before a workout (how my stomach feels, what tastes good, what’s easy to whip up at 5 a.m., etc.), but I’ve been on a toast/coffee kick for about 8 months and it’s pretty solid. Oh, except I do like to sub animal crackers instead of toast, sometimes 🙂

This article lists oranges, applesauce, cereal, dates, and iced coffee as good pre-run snacks (if you’re running within an hour of eating). This FitSugar article lists some of the same foods, as well as rasins, string cheese, toast with peanut butter, saltines, and a banana. I personally would not eat an orange (too acidic), peanut butter (too fatty) or cereal (too much dairy) before a run — I’ve found that all of these things have my stomach in knots by mile 5. What do you eat before a run? I’m always interested in hearing people’s pre- and post-run eating rituals.

Though the snow has shut down my office and the federal government, CrossFit Praxis has its doors open. IMG_0141The WOD:

Warmup: Running drills; EMOTM good mornings, situps, and push jerks x5.

Strength: Jerk, 20 min to build to 1 Rep Max

Conditioning: 12 Minute AMRAP 10 Dumbell Dead Lift/ 5 Dumbell Push Jerk/ 150 single-unders

CrossFit workouts can be pretty fun because you’re doing something new and different every 15 minutes or so. Plus Anthony is there to chitchat between reps! IMG_0140I’m glad I got my workout in already, because the snow is really coming down hard now. I have a feeling I’ll be in my apartment for a looooong time.

  • What do you eat/drink right before a run?
  • Have you been hit by the snowquester?!
  • What’s your WOD?

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