eviction and exhaustion

Looks like February wasn’t a good month for somebody living on 15th and Euclid. Clothes, books, furniture, and more — this collection has some real gems.

IMG_0115The only thing more typical than street furniture these days are my weekly track workouts. Anthony and I have been three weeks in a row! What a record!IMG_0114

Even though I look happy in this photo, I was actually sort of filled with dread. I always loathe going to track and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because it’s just that I save my track workouts for the end of the week and I’m just exhausted by then.IMG_0113But I know they’re super important, so I usually do them anyways. Wah. I did 5x1200s and my times were: 5:11, 5:11, 5:11, 5:12, and 5:12. Consistent but booooooooring.

Another thing that’s super important: weeknight outings. Anthony and I headed to Churchkey last night to spice up the week.P1000942I hadn’t been to Churchkey in about a year and a half — the last time we went, it was super crowded and expensive. There are a lot of good happy hour bars in the area, so I didn’t miss it too much. I guess a lot of other people felt the same way, and we had heard that the Churchkey management has finally dropped their prices to bring people back.P1000944Don’t know if that’s actually true or not, but the menu didn’t seem as painfully priced as I remember it being (which could also mean that other bars simply raised their prices since 2011 so I’m used to it?)

To give you an idea of drinks in DC — you can usually get a non-happy hour-priced beer for about $6-$8, and for happy hour you can find beers as cheap as $2.50 but usually more like $3-$4. Coming from Nashville and Baltimore this seemed ridiculous at first but I’ve learned to adjust for this expense by eating canned beans and making my own coffee. Oh, the horror!

Not that money really matters because catching up with Catherine was priceless. We talked about marathon training and CrossFit for about 99% of the night. The other 1% covered jobs and life and other minor woes. It was the best.

P1000948I’d give Churchkey a thumbs up, but I’m not in a huge rush to go back. I am in a huge rush to go to work though. Go snag a free couch while you can!

  • How much does a beer cost in your town?
  • What type of workout is your least favorite?
  • What gets you motivated to move?

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  1. I also dread track/speed workouts, which is why if I do them, I like to get them over with in the morning! Beer in Philly can be cheap (I know a bar that has a penny happy hour, but you’re getting crappy beers too), but it can also be pricey. Being a beer town, you can usually find a craft beer for about 4 or 5 bucks.

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