Tuesdays usually aren’t very special, but today is, in a small way. Since I’ve been between Nashville, Baltimore, and DC the past couple weeks with long, late flights and trains in between, this morning was the first day in a while that I had time and energy for a run that was long, quiet, and alone.

I started by trekking three hilly miles up to the National Cathedral…IMG_0102Then enjoyed three more miles down to Georgetown.IMG_0103Another mile or so to visit our 26th President at Teddy Roosevelt Island…IMG_0104And then back home for a total of ten. Not as fast as the Sunday’s ten, but still satisfying!

Speaking of Sunday, let’s look back on the post-race fun I had with Anthony. After I got home and showered I promptly walked out the door to go drink some wine. We had scheduled a tasting at Veritas Wine Bar long, long ago (i.e., before I knew I was running a 10-miler the same day) and the time had finally come. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect.

The theme of the tasting was local wines, which we were really excited and curious about. Virginian wines are known around town, but I’d say DC residents generally consider them inferior to other selections. Our instructor, who was super fun yet also really knowledgeable, was out to prove to the class that Virginian wine stereotypes aren’t completely true after all. As in, local wines can actually be good!

P1000925Due to its soil and climate conditions, Virginia produces mostly white wines. Of the five pours we had, four were white. Did you know that rosé wine was invented by a production/fermentation accident at Sutter Home’s vineyards in the 1970s?P1000929Or that Asti is the only American brand that can label its sparkling wines “Champagne?”

To tell if you’ve got a high-quality champagne, look for two things: first, that the bubbles are tiny; second, that they’re concentrated in the center of your glass and not around the edges.
P1000931And the last thing we learned was that everything tastes best with cheese.P1000934This was our second time to Veritas, and we enjoyed it! This place is always packed (like every wine bar in DC) so this was the first time Anthony and I actually had a seat and could hear each other. Crazy.

Make your Tuesday a special one, too!

  • Red or white wine?
  • Favorite president?
  • What is the highlight of your Tuesday?!


  1. I’m salivating over that cheese! I’m a red wine fan myself, but I do enjoy white now and then. The best thing about my Tuesday is that we finally sublet our apartment and are moving back to Philly next week…yay East Coast 🙂

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