best company

Happy Monday! I can’t believe the weekend only consists of 2.5 days because I feel like Friday was about 10 years ago.

I was strolling around Baltimore for most of the weekend with two good friends on my side:P1000872-001Well actually, we didn’t do much strolling at all on Friday night. We pretty much sat in Alanna’s apartment for 6+ hours drinking wine, eating cheese, and catching up. We toasted to Mira.

P1000875Meredith is in med school and made sure my cold was in fact just a cold. She checked on my uvula and it looks like I’m a little swollen. TMI? P1000879The next day we finally stepped outside around noon to see the city:P1000895Which unfortunately was super soggy. The best way to brighten up a situation like this? Go crazy in a candy shop.P1000906Meredith introduced me to my new #1 favorite candy: Australian black licorice. P1000905It was so delicious! Or maybe I was just missing Anthony?

We also checked out the new Under Armour store in the Inner Harbor (Did you know that Under Armour headquarters are in Baltimore?) I don’t own any Under Armour gear so it was cool to see their stuff. Fitness clothes are my weakness so I’m really proud that I didn’t buy anything. Actually, all clothes (and shoes) are my weakness, let’s be honest. I love shopping.

P1000909We also stopped by Gordon and Biersch to meet up with Melissa! This is becoming one of my favorite bars. If you ever go (they’re located all along the east coast, I believe), I recommend the Marzen brew. It only tastes food if you are with the best company though.

P1000914And after that, it was time to get ready for our race! I’m pretty sure the nonstop weekend did not aid in the swollen uvula situation, but it was SO worth it.

  • Have you ever been to Baltimore?
  • Favorite candy?
  • What’s your trick to getting over a cold?

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  1. I’m such a sucker for candy! Next time you’re in baltimore, check out Chaps Pit Beef. It’s amazing! For getting over a cold, my trick is sticking my head over a pot of boiling, steaming water (complete with towel over my head). This clears up my sinuses, even though I look ridiculous.

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