my first 10-miler = race cake

Another whirlwind weekend, this time between Baltimore, Columbia, and DC.

The only way to keep a steady pace during times like these are to eat lots of carbs, see lots of friends, and run. Which leads me to a recap of today’s RRCA Club Challenge! The race is hosted by the Howard County Striders and includes a bunch of local clubs who all get together to race in a bit of friendly-but-competitive fun. I crossed the finish line about 13 hours ago but my hips and quads still feel like they are running it. How silly.

Anyways. Alanna and I started prepping for the race Saturday night by loading up on pasta…

P1000921And a bit of beer. Brewer’s Art is one of my favorite places in Baltimore, and if I could transport it to DC it would make me so happy! Until then I will have to frequent this fun underground establishment as often as the Marc commuter train schedule and my liver allow.P1000918What made the night really special (other than sharing it with a best friend) was watching She’s All That to pump ourselves up for the big race. That movie really is a (vintage) gem.


Up next was bedtime… and then breadtime. I’m a big fan of toast or a bagel with a bit of butter before a run. Plus a cup of coffee, and I’m good to go! IMG_0093Alanna and I made it from Baltimore to Columbia just in time to pick up our bibs and head to the start line. The weather was perfect, the race was free, and the people were nice, so I was feeling great — plus, I just got Anthony’s password for his Pandora Plus account which meant I had 100% Pitbull radio with zero commercials the whole time.
IMG_0089This was the first 10-miler I’ve ever run, which equaled a guaranteed PR! I finished in about 1:17 (there were no official timing mats, so data-tracking numbers-obsessed distance runners will be forever frustrated!) and my Garmin informs me that my average pace was a 7:47. Considering the fact that I have a nasty cold and there were some nasty hills, I’m content with that for now.

I beat this guy running barefoot (bottom left, blue shorts) which I was happy about but also sad because I couldn’t watch him run the last few miles on his very callused feet. I wonder how much money he saves on socks a year. I recently became a socks snob and have blown lots of money on Balega-brand socks that look like nothing and feel like pillows.


The icing on this race cake (yes, I just invented that saying) was a free ride home, courtesy of the DC Road Runners. I loved that all the local clubs came together for this race and put on such a solid event for DMV runners. Big thumbs up!IMG_0092There is SO much more to say, but unfortunately it is time to hit the Nyquil and snuggle with a box of Kleenex. I hope you had a good weekend!

  • What’s your favorite race distance?
  • Do you listen to music while you run? If so, do you stream it online or have an mp3 player?
  • Last time you rode a public bus?!


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  2. My favourite race distance is 50km on trails. I don’t know why but the one time I did it I fell in love. Next year I hope to do some more 50s, but in the mean time, I have to build up slowly after last year’s injuries.

    I don’t listen to music while I run because it distracts me from the scenery and pleasure; I get a bit introverted and focused on my feelings when I listen to music. Though I do often have ear worms (songs stuck in my head)

    I ride the public bus when I go to the city because it’s cheaper than paying for parking. But I don’t think public buses have the same stigma here in Australia as they do in the US.

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