I know I’ve been complaining about the weather a lot lately, but at least cold skies don’t always have to be ugly skies.IMG_0074I picked up Anthony on the way to the track today! He likes to do shorter sprints — like 100 or 200 meter dashes — while I do long, fast-paced laps. Today I invented a workout that goes as such: 1×1600, 2×1200, 3×800. It was a really fun workout and if I had more time I would have done that last 800, I promise 😉

I barely noticed Anthony because he blended into the view so stealthily.
IMG_0075If you’re ever looking for a track workout, there are some more advanced ones listed here — interestingly, these go as long as one mile (1600 meter) repeats and only as “short” as 800 meters; Runner’s World, on the other hand, gives example track workouts that go as long as 400 meter repeats and as short as 200 meter repeats. I usually browse the DC Road Runners track workouts, which fall somewhere in the middle, and add/subtract repeats as I feel fit. Most of my track workouts end up being between 8 and 11 miles total, including recovery laps and the 4 miles it takes me to jog to and from the track.

If all these numbers are making you dizzy, let’s just focus on number one. Because that is where team EZ Pass currently stands in the DC Social Sports competitive co-ed volleyball league. IMG_0069Last night we advanced in our undefeated season to another victory! Next week is the playoffs and as the #1 seed we are feeling pretty confident. I hope we win so that we can celebrate. The EZ Pass men might have the height, but let us not forget that the team’s ladies bring good lucks, spirit, and — of course — solid passing, setting, and the occasional spike. IMG_0072Speaking of ladies, I’m off to Baltimore for a girls’ weekend! Catch you in Charm City.

  • Do you do track workouts?
  • Do you invent your own runs, or look online for routes/workouts?
  • Tell me something you won first place in!

One comment

  1. I love track workouts! When I started working with my coach we did shorter, faster intervals. Then about a month and a half before the race, the intervals got longer and less intense. 5K pace versus half marathon pace is a big difference. I found the workouts to be incredibly helpful!
    I won first place in a race once – one of my proudest running moments. 🙂

    I hope all is well!!!

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