the It city

Still in the South, where you can get a Route 44 sweet tea for $1.29.P1000839Anthony and I took a brief escape from wedding planning yesterday to pretend we have lots of money and look at model homes. Areas around Nashville are really booming and there are so many new developments that weren’t here when I was in high school! The New York Times just named Nashville the new “It” city which is pretty cool.

Model homes are funny because they are filled with life-sized Ken and Barbie accessories. Like plastic champagne in a plastic glass.

P1000837If and when we ever buy a house I am going to do modeling poses on the front steps every time I walk out the door.P1000838After our little adventure it was time for a few Italian-inspired snacks. I’m going to start putting all my foods on slate boards because they make you feel super sophisticated.P1000841

Then it was time for wedding planning item #24021948319: wine tasting. Well actually I just realized the picture below is tequila… I’m not sure how that happened.

P1000844Anthony arranged all the pours and planning. We even went all out with worksheets and scoring cards to make sure our tasters were truthful.P1000856It was a pretty hilarious and delicious event. Luckily, all the wines we tested out were a big hit! It probably helped that the #1 mom and chef made a beef ragout that made our taste buds doubly happy.P1000853And then I fell asleep, woke up, and went to the gym half asleep. I did a circuit workout that was light on the legs, heavy every where else! After yesterday’s run the legs need a rest.IMG_0058The rest of me could use a rest, too… but unfortunately it’s Monday, so ain’t nobody got time for that! Happy President’s day!



  1. Sometimes I love escaping to the suburbs for a few days! haha And the South…bring on the biscuits! I used to live in NC and would stop at Biscuitville every morning!

  2. Amy

    Looks like you had a very successful wedding planning weekend! That’s so exciting! And yeah, house staging is nuts. I can’t believe there is actually a market for things like plastic champagne.

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