big list items

Guess who is in Nashville?IMG_0054Mary (who covered 18 miles of this city’s suburban streets in two furry hats).

IMG_0056Anthony (who saved her with company and conversation for miles 10-15).IMG_0057And her parents (and his soon-to-be parents-in-law!), who made sure everyone was really well fed the entire time.P1000828See what I’m talking about?

2013-02-16Other than eating, drinking, and running (aka #1 hobbies ever), we have been doing a lot of wedding stuff. Meeting with venue owners, flower arrangers, church organizers, and more! Since we booked and hired many people and places from afar, it’s been really delightful to see them in person.

For example, the church! Even prettier up close than from the interwebs 🙂P1000835Though checking off 18 miles this morning felt good and the church was incredible, we are still excited about today because tonight is another big list item. Anthony’s ordered a selection of wines that we might serve on the Big Day and of course we have to try them all at once.

And because I’m feeling chatty, I will answer my own questions today too.

  • Where is your hometown? (Nashvegas!)
  • When do you do your long runs (Mine are usually Saturday, but I switched it up today!)
  • What type of church do you go to? (I was raised Catholic, but have also attended in Methodist, Baptist, and non-denominational churches since high school.)


  1. Tina

    Great to see Kathy and Frank looking after you extremely well as usual. We loved the church truly a house of God, a perfect start for a life long marriage
    All our love.and blessings.

  2. My hometown is Brisbane, Australia but I was born in Berkel-Enschott, Holland.
    I can’t remember the last time I did a long run. Right now I’m just getting a multi-sport base back after 4 months off injured August – December 2012. I was raised Catholic and go to Catholic Church when I go to church.

    Your wedding church looks amazing! Going to be a gorgeous day.

  3. I’m from small-town Ohio, where you can see for miles and miles! I used to hate running there because it was so windy every day! I like to do my long runs Saturday morning, then go to brunch with girlfriends 🙂 I was raised Lutheran, but lately I’ve been reading more into Buddhism.

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