I’m excited that it’s Valentine’s day, but it looks like someone in Petworth is still celebrating Christmas this morning.DSC02673To kick off my beloved Valentine’s day, I made Anthony some blueberry-banana muffins! I dropped these babies off on his doorstep during my run this morning with a note from his secret Valentine. I am pretty sure he figured out who his admirer is.

(And yes, running is a great way to transport baked goods at 5:30 a.m.)P1000804Though they taste like decadence, these little muffies are actually pretty healthy. I just invented the word “muffies,” what do you think about it?

Anyways, this lovely recipe is butter-less and subs coconut oil, wheat flour, and honey for some of the usual vegetable oil, white flour, and white sugar. Pretty tasty!P1000802I thought I showed my love by surprising Anthony with these, but his Valentine’s day surprise was even better because he showed up at my dark and lonely track session about an hour later.

DSC02676We did some sprints like true soul mates. Unfortunately the track was a bit icy which slowed me down, but better frozen miles than no miles, right?

In addition to ice, the track was locked so we had to jump the fence like usual.

DSC02679It’s been a while since I hit the track so I’m glad I got a good speed session in.

And as if my morning couldn’t have gotten any better… when I finished my workout I came home to an apartment lobby full of donuts. P1000805Happy Valentine’s day!

  • What are you doing for V-day? Or are you one of those people that hates V-day?
  • Favorite type of muffin?
  • Ever do track workouts?


  1. I surprised my daughter with a cute stuffed animal and small box of chocolates. Tonight we’ll be going to my moms so her and my cousin can decorate sugar cookies. I’m excited because I know she is going to have a great day! (Especially in elementary school, before the drama of crushes and who is more popular…)

    I think any muffin with a crumble on it is probably going to be a winner:-)

    I did a few speed sessions while training for my 10K this past summer/fall. I can’t wait to get back out there……Foot issues at the moment.

  2. Those muffins look delicious! This V-day I’m working all day, but I got my husband some of his fav beer to enjoy while I’m away! I used to do track workouts when I lived in North Carolina, but that’s probably because they have so many organized track workouts!

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