Good morning!

My social running schedule filled up this week. First was a run with Anthony on Sunday; second was a run with the DC Road Runners last night.

DSC02667The theme for the occasion was “Valentine’s Day/Fat Tuesday,” which meant that some of us wore pink and we all ate chicken fingers and drank beer after.P1000798

(Club members — you can see all the photos on the DCRR Facebook page!)

We had about 35 runners show up for a good jog and social night. Thanks for hosting us, Ireland’s Four Courts!P1000801Before I knew it, I was waking up for sweaty date #3, with Miriam and Leah. We covered four dark miles and talked politics. I was sort of asleep but I think we had a good time 🙂

DSC02671Phew. That was a lot of running. I actually covered 11 miles yesterday, which I hadn’t really planned on but ended up doing thanks to my “social” outing. Which got me thinking about two-a-day training, something I’ve never really dabbled in but I hear other runners talking about.

Two-a-Day Training for Marathons

This (wordy) article recommends two-a-days as a way to sneak in extra miles without sacrificing your rest days; it also suggests two-a-days are good for slower-paced runners who don’t have time to dedicate to 3+ hour long runs. The author seems to suggest that doubles are okay as a “substitute” for a single long run, and are great as an additional run in your regular training routine.

“…if your biomechanics can handle it, two-a-days are one way to improve your running performance. Used to break up a long run, they can also be a way to prevent injury.”

On the opposite hand, this Pfitzinger article warns runners that double days are typically not beneficial. They specifically warn against using a double day as a “substitute” for a long run, and only recommend running doubles if you’ve exceeded your max
weekly mileage in single runs. They set the bar for max miles pretty high (for example, for my last marathon, my highest weekly mileage was about 65 miles) .

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.44.33 AM

If you’re interested, this article also discusses the issue from the perspective of a sub-3 hour marathoner; this article discusses how two-a-days can be beneficial for a beginner.

I think the answer is that two-a-days are good for 1) advanced runners 2) runners who are short on time and 3) injury-prone runners.

Or maybe the answer is, if there is bar food and beer available for your second run, you should definitely do it. Have a good one!

  • Do you incorporate two-a-day runs in your training?
  • How often do you run with friends?
  • What made your Fat Tuesday fantastic?


  1. I sort of do two-a-days because I run with my dogs, and then I’ll run later. But running with Pippa is a pretty slow pace because I have to be careful in case we encounter a squirrel!

  2. Amy

    I did my first two-a-day run yesterday actually! It was kind of short (7 miles altogether) and I have no idea if it was beneficial or not, but I’m trying to take things easy with my mystery illness, and that seemed like a good route to go while still getting in some mileage! Your running group looks so fun!

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