stocking up

Most beautiful day in a long time. I never realized what a weather woman I was until I started writing this blog.DSC02663In other morning news, there are TWO vacuum cleaners for grabs on 17th and R NW. One is super cool and camouflage so I bet it will go fast.
DSC02666Despite the gorgeous weather, I struggled for the first two miles of this run. But then all the best tracks on the Jason Mraz Live at Schubas album came on and I was gone with the wind.

So the big topic of discussion for today: bouillon vs. stock.

P1000791Last night I was making this recipe and decided to ditch my usual bouillon cubes for chicken stock instead. Not because Rachel Ray told me to, but because Rachel Ray was on sale.

First, the difference between bouillon and stock: Bouillon is made from simmered meat; stock is made from simmered bones. Stock is less seasoned (or not seasoned at all); bouillon contains seasoning.

What’s better for you, and which brings better flavor? Though lengthy internet forums seem to host heated debates on the topic, looks like broth is considered better in flavor. As for nutrition, it sort of depends what brand you buy, but bouillon generally has higher sodium and fat content. I also came across a bunch of rumors that bouillon has MSG.

Good to know, but I can’t say that I won’t use bouillon cubes in the future. They’re so compact, quick, and cheap — perfect for cooking for one in a small apartment!

Still, I’d say Rachel did a great job. This beef/sausage/bean stew turned out wonderful! It paired perfectly with two hours of The Bachelor and a pack of Starbursts.

P1000793I made about 10 lbs of it so get ready to see lots of stew in 2013.

  • Do you use bouillon or stock?
  • What’s the weather report in your town?
  • Do you like Rachel Ray?

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