gold mine

I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen as much street furniture as usual over the past few months. My conclusion was that less people move during the winter (resulting in less stuff on the street) — but last night I realized it’s actually because someone has been stockpiling all the junk.

IMG_0040-001Gold mine. Located on 16th and Euclid. Come and get it.

IMG_0038-001In other  news, I didn’t do anything today because 1) it’s raining and 2) I partied too hard with Team EZ Pass last night.

IMG_0044We had an unbelievable victory against a team whose average player height was 6’5. Beers and tortilla chips were in order! I just looked up an article comparing the nutritional values of tortilla chips vs. potato chips in hope to share some wisdom with you guys today, but it looks like they are both basically terrible for you.

I also finally told the team that I’d need a team photo for the blog and would have to permanently post all their faces on the internet. They were cool with it.

IMG_0046In running news, I can hardly contain myself because tomorrow I start coaching trainees for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! I love nothing more than witnessing an all-women group go after their goals. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s Friday so we can all get a little warm and fuzzy.

  • Did you run this morning?
  • Do you like potato chips or tortilla chips better?
  • Are you training for anything right now?


    • Sadly, I won’t be running it — just helping train other women who are! I would LOVE to race it, but it falls on the exact same day as my spring marathon in PA :(. Good luck on the race and let me know if you need any DC tips!

  1. How fun to train a group of women! I worked the finishers tent for the Nike Women’s marathon in SF and it was CRAZY! I have never seen so many women want to shop after a race (I’m more of the “get me to a hot shower and then give me a beer” type after a half or full!) Which spring marathon are you doing in PA?

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