Saw the city wake up this morning.

Trash men, construction workers, street cleaners prepping the sidewalks. Everything was black, then blue…


Then grey.IMG_0035I’m still staying hopeful despite the skies, though! My tummy is on fire from an intense CrossFit workout that featured about 300 crunches, hollow holds, and sit ups.

Or maybe it’s actually sore because I just ate one of the most decadent meals ever. Last night Anthony and I redeemed a LivingSocial deal for Lost Society. This new(ish) spot on U Street has intrigued me for a while, so when we saw a half-off opportunity to try it out, we went for it.P1000748My favorite thing about Lost Society is that I can walk there from my house. My second favorite thing is that they greet you with a bowl of potato chips. What can I say, I’m very difficult to please.P1000751We had a prix-fixe arrangement set up for two appetizers, two entrées, and two desserts, which is pretty big deal for people that usually make one-pot dinners  followed by ice cream straight from the container.

I’ve had a lot of salad in my life and never experienced anything like the kale salad. It had a sweet balsamic dressing, and got even sweeter with dried pineapple and raisins. A bit of salty manchego and toasted pine nuts set off the flavor.

Who is that creeper at the end of the table?
P1000754Anthony hit the opposite end of the appetizer selection with mussels and fries. Because after chips, you need fries.

We were both really shocked at the large portion sizes, after being to one too many fancy restaurants that serve tiny plates at massive prices. P1000755The decadence continued with our mains. I got crab-stuffed lobster… because, you know, it’d just been too long since I had some stuffed lobster. Like 25 years.

It was really rich — packed with some sort of creamy, citrus-y sauce and lumps of delectable crab meat. Like a grown-up version of fish sticks with mac and cheese, rolled into one and topped with some buttery breadcrumbs. Whoa.P1000759Anthony got a steak which he ate with a mafia face.P1000760And even though I had expanded twice in size during the meal, I had to make space for dessert. I LOVE bread pudding and Anthony had actually never heard of it nor tried it! Must be an American thing. We also learned last night that skee-ball must also be an American-only event. Have you ever tried to explain what skee-ball is to someone? Very difficult, especially after two glasses of wine.P1000763On the whole, we were really impressed with Lost Society. The service was okay, the food was great. Our favorites were the kale salad and Anthony’s steak — the lobster was unique and definitely different for me, but I don’t think I could handle such richness ever again. I think I drank 5+ glasses of water since my last bite.

Drink up!

  • What’s one rich food you could eat forever?
  • Do you go out for fancy meals often?
  • When was the last time you were sore from something? (Including holding too many shopping hangers, dancing at a club, or walking in heels?)

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