cheetahs, cake batter, roses, & collard greens

Today I raced a cheetah.DSC02641Unfortunately he beat me in the sprint, but I know that in the long run I would come out victorious! No, really. Read this article about how humans are built for endurance running more than any other inhabitant of the wild kingdom.

“We [humans] have an unusually large percentage of fatigue-resistant, slow-twitch muscle fibers, which make for endurance rather than speed. By contrast, most animals are geared for sprinting…”

Though we might be able to beat cheetahs in a marathon, we’d be up against some tough competition when it comes to camels, horses, and huskies, apparently. This article gives some fun stats on estimated animal vs. human race results.

(And in case you’re wondering, I don’t raise cheetahs in my backyard. I get to run with them because I live close to Woodley Park’s National Zoo.)

Though Chester was a good running companion, I think Leah is much better company. I met up with her for my first 4.5 miles around Howard University this morning…

DSC02639Then finished the next 4.5 solo/with Chester.DSC02645The only thing I saw that was more beautiful than this bursting sunlight was a new FrozenYo on Georgia Avenue. I felt like I had a hole in my heart that was suddenly filled with warmth. Or rather, chilled delicious cake-batter-cookie-dough swirls. I’m planning to ambush it when it opens so if you’re interested in vanilla crumble, pumpkin pie, cinnamon bun, strawberry cheesecake, or double dark chocolate, let me know.DSC02638Speaking of food, I came up with a new deal for Anthony. In addition to cooking for him when he comes back from work trips, I also will cook for him if he agrees to watch The Bachelor with me.

P1000747I went Southern style last night and made slow-cooked barbecue chicken which we piled atop sandwich thins. It was super tasty, but everything went sour once I saw Sean give Tiara a rose. What a dummy! For a full recap, I recommend this summary by Oh Jones.

P1000744But back to reality. Our sammies were accompanied by a big pot o’ collard greens. Which, naturally, must be prepared with a few slices of…


I can’t think of a better word to end this blog post with, so I will leave it at that. Have a good one!

  • Have you ever cooked collard greens?
  • Best fro-yo shop?
  • Have you ever raced an animal?!


  1. Leah

    Haha, I thought you were referring to me as a cheetah at the beginning of this. I was sad to hear that no, I was not the cheetah chasing you.

    Thanks for running with me this morning anyway!

  2. Aw, what a cute li’l kitty cat! 🙂 Collard greens are so not my jam. I don’t like the taste or smell of them. The best fro-yo shop we have down here is Menchies. But the pickins are pretty slim in the fro-yo department. I race my dog. She wins. Everytime. I chalk it up to the fact that she has 4 legs. I only have 2. It makes me feel better.

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