sliced bread

Good to know that while we were in Denver, DC didn’t change a bit.

Furniture still abundant on the sidewalks…

DSC02631as well as bread? Not sure what the cause of this recent phenomenon are.

Despite these distractions I still made it to CrossFit on time!


Tough workout. Let’s move on to food. On the lunch menu this week is a quinoa salad that I found per Kath Eats.P1000743

Considering the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization just named 2013 “The International Year of Quinoa,” I would say this dish is spot-on.P1000741

Quinoa also scores points because it’s super high in antioxidant flavanoids¬†quercetin and kaempferol. Don’t ask me what those actually are — anything that sounds that complicated has to be good for you. The New York Times article tells us why quinoa is a superior, protein-packed grain as compared to wheat, rice, and other cereals, and tells you how to cook this magical staple!

The best thing since sliced bread, I’d say. Which is why I just tossed my loaf on the sidewalk.

  • Do you buy your bread sliced or whole-loaf?
  • Do you eat quinoa?
  • Fill in the blank: “2013 is the year of ____”

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