New best friend:IMG_0032I understand the Superbowl was on last night, but am sad to report that Anthony and I missed Beyonce’s performance because we were on a plane between Colorado and DC. We got home around 1 a.m. like real troopers.

Thus, I haven’t accomplished anything this morning. But, yesterday was a huge day of success so we can talk about that.

After checking off my big run, we headed out to cross off another big item on the agenda: beer! P1000729Coors is brewed in Golden, CO, and offers free tours and tastings for enthusiasts like Thomas.IMG_0008I didn’t know that Coors made so many beers — Blue Moon, Killian’s, and Keystone to name a few.P1000731Anthony always gets a lot of attention from the tour guides because of his Australian accent and complicated questions.IMG_0006I get attention mostly for taking silly pictures at every tour s

IMG_0007…and Leah gets attention for being so darn cute.P1000732After learning all about beer, we got to drink it! Anthony and I liked Blue Moon and Killian’s Red the best. We also tried one of Coors’s specialty beers called Batch 19 and weren’t huge fans, but if you like bitter beer than maybe you should give it a taste.
IMG_0013After all that beer, I was in perfect form to make big decisions.

So, my sister and I headed back to the bridal shop…. and I bought a wedding dress! Since I can’t post a photo of it, I’ll give you a detailed description: It’s white.

THEN we celebrated by screaming to my mom on speaker phone while swirling up mountains of froyo. Planning a wedding sure is tough work.IMG_0031Speaking of work, I guess it’s Monday again?! I think I am going to need some more coffee.

  • How long did it take you to find a wedding dress?
  • Favorite beer?
  • Do you rely on coffee like the world would end without it?







  1. Congrats on finding “the dress!” I bought mine online…seriously, I was a super low-key bride. But I found what I wanted without the hassle of going to a bridal shop! And my fav beer would have to be Rogue’s hazelnut brown. Coffee?! Every day. Since we’re 3 hours behind the East Coast, one of my fav things to do is drink coffee and catch up on blogs each morning 🙂

    • Wow, online?! That’s impressive. I looked online but felt like I needed to try some on before I bought/ordered anything… and then ended up purchasing the second dress I put on! Haha. And I am reading blogs/drinking coffee at this very moment 🙂

  2. I gave up on coffee a few weeks back and don`t really mind. For beer… with a group of friends we regularly go to a belgian pub with a ginormous selection of fruit beers and lots of other fun tastes. I found a few favorites there.

  3. You just sandwiched finding your WEDDING dress in AFTER the Coors Brewery! Whhaattt?!?! lol That brewery tour is pretty fun. They used to let you have unlimited beers. You can go back daily too, which is what some of the college kids do I hear. Luckily they’re all absolutely brilliant nerds, so I think Coors is lucky in that regard! lol Congrats on the dress news!

    • Haha, we SAW the Mines students strutting up to taste! The tour guide just rolled her eyes and was like, “THEM again.” Yes, of course picking the dress was easy after having a few samples! Who knows what would have happened if I’d had unlimited… 😉

  4. Congrats on finding the dress!! I went to a few bridal shops but I actually ended up finding mine at a local upscale outlet store. It may not have been a one-of-a-kind original but I got a ton of compliments and some even thought it was vintage! Once I walked into that store it took me 15 mins to find it. Not really a drinker so I haven’t tried too many beers. I ❤ coffee. Just sayin'.

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