We are so high!


Because we are running at 5,000 feet… (the UFO in the right corner is the fuzz from my glove)

DSC02623And because we drank about 98 cups of tea today at the Celestial Seasonings factory.

P1000653America’s #1 selling specialty tea, this homegrown establishment has been in the tea biz since 1979! Celestial Seasonings started as a “herbal infusion” company and didn’t actually make tea (i.e., blends that actually included tea leaves) until the 1990s. Their Sleepytime blend has always been and continues to be their #1 seller.



We drank a ton of samples — Leah had her first ever cup of tea! She didn’t know it, but she just drank up a ton of antioxidants. Did you know that most teas are made from only the top two or three leaves on the tea tree? The rest of the leaves at the bottom of the tree are too bitter for us to drink.


Thomas just soaked it all in. We learned lots of fun facts about the tea plant, different herbs, and the American tea industry. Did you know that Celestial pumps out ten million tea bags a DAY? I looked just like him when I found out too.


After sampling about ten different blends, twice each…

P1000661I settled on Sweet Pumpkin Harvest and ended up sipping about 38 cups before we went on a tour of the factory. Buzzzzzed.



Other than our hopped-up tea tour, things have been really relaxed here in CO. I’m off to an imaginary tea party so I’ll have to write more later.

  • Do you drink tea?
  • Have you ever run at altitude?
  • What’s your run today?




  1. Oh I am so jealous. I LOVE tea. I never drink coffee, but I enjoy one to three cups of tea a day. My second or third cup is almost always herbal … I love herbal tea. But my favourites are a tie between Earl Grey and Rooibos Vanilla.

    I’ve never run at altitude. We don’t really have altitude here in Australia. But I’d love to run at altitude because it looks so pretty.

    No run today but a 1.5 hour kayak paddle out on the bay instead (it’s summer here)

  2. Mmmm tea! We have some celestial tea at home, but generally I drink David’s Tea. I’ve jumped back on the tea bandwagon as drinking 4-5 cups of coffee was just getting a bit much for my tummy.

    No run today 😦 my lil one has been sick, so I’ve been home alone with him and I don’t have a treadmill.

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