barred & baked

Last night I attended my first ever barre class. Word on the street was that Gap Fit was hosting a “studio takeover,” where barre beginners not only snagged a free class, but also a free pair of Gap workout pants! Yes please.

Fuel Pilates (not to be confused with Fuse Pilates) hosted the DC event. This cozy Georgetown studio is new, small, and filled with pleasant staff who seem really passionate about this up-and-coming workout trend. The studio is bit out of the way for non-Georgetown residents, but if you have a car or bike I think it’s doable. (I biked, and got completely soaked on my ride home!)


After some socializing, we started pants shopping… I settled on the GapFit gDance pants, with some good guidance from Daniela and Marisa on fashionable fitness gear. We were pretty excited for the new apparel!

P1000644The Pants: They’re tight but not too tight, flared but not too flared. They’ve got a thick, snug waistband that I love because I frequently find that pants are too big in the waist but too tight on my thighs (I hear this is common among other thunder-thighed runners?). The pants also have a sleek little pocket on the hip/back for your keys that isn’t too big or obtrusive. The material seems pretty sweat-friendly and the pants never rode up or sagged during the workout. I’ve got to give them a few more tries before I can declare pure love for them like I have for other wardrobe items, but so far it is looking positive!

Marisa wins the prize for best dressed, though, because her shirt says Colorado and that is where I am going today. No really, I am.

After we pranced around in our pants, we wore them downstairs to The BARRE.

P1000645The little downstairs studio was pretty sweaty by the time we got there, so we knew we were in for a workout. The hour-long session mixed with lots of ballet-inspired lunges and leg work; really long sets of repeated arm lifts with mini-weights; Pilates-like mat exercises for abs and hips (ouch!); and some time at the barre doing all these strange movements that seemed like they wouldn’t hurt but actually made you feel like you lit a match and lit all of your muscles on fire at once.

The pink and purple weights looked cute, but they’re actually tricep and bicep terrors. I thought I was buff because I do CrossFit now, but apparently a 2-lb pink weight can kick my butt. And thighs, and shoulders, and triceps.


All in all, I really enjoyed the different, tough workout. I personally wouldn’t do barre permanently, just because I prefer being outside and also like a bit more cardio in my life. But I would totally recommend barre to anyone who likes yoga, Pilates, or dance. Thanks Marisa for hunting down this cool event, and thanks Fuel and Gap for hosting it!

And another thank you to the person who invented the recipe for these cookies. Chocolate chip = so timeless, so tasty.


I’m glad I remembered to snap a photo of them when they were fresh out of the oven, because all 36 of them are gone now. YEP.


Speaking of gone, I need to get to Colorado before this plane leaves without me. See you soon!

  • Have you ever done barre?
  • Favorite type of cookie?
  • Ever been to Colorado?! How was it?


  1. I used to do something similar to barre, called Lithe. It was definitely a workout and you’re right – those teeny weights can kick your ass just as much as lifting big weights can at cross fit! I also made cookies last night – brown sugar coconut! I’m taking some to work today so that we don’t eat them all 😉 Have fun in CO!

  2. I went to my first barre class 2 weeks ago and loved the new challenge! Unfortunately I am far away and can’t go regularly, but would love to mix it into my routine once in a while just to ‘mix it up’! And yes, I grabbed 3lb weights…kicked my arm butts!

    Note on pants: I have that problem with EVERY pair of pants, usually if they fit the thighs, they are big in the waist… I don’t consider myself as having thunder thighs, but I am curvy for a runner, so that probably doesn’t help matters either….

    Love colorado springs!

  3. What an awesome deal!! I’ve never tried barre, but maybe I’ll have to jump on the bandwagon and try it sometime.

    I’m from Colorado – Fort Collins born and raised and then I went to grad school in Denver. I miss the mountains every single day. Have fun!! I’m super jealous!

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