grocery store smack down round 2

Since Grocery Store Smack Down was such a big hit the first time, I decided to follow up with Round 2 .


I typically drop in Whole Foods about once a month to stock up on foods that I think are cheaper than they are at Harris Teeter, but I’m doing some price collection to see if they are in fact cheaper — and if so, by how much. The results:

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.20.11 AM

** (O) = Organic

Since I focused on packaged goods and high-end products last time, I checked out more produce and everyday items this round, to find that Harris Teeter pulled through as cheaper for the majority of goods. Like beans. (Though I was surprised to see that WF organic diced tomatoes were the same price as HT’s non-organic diced tomatoes?)

DSC02601In line with my hunch, Whole Foods wins for higher-end items like nuts, arugula, and spices. It bombed on produce — but note that the comparison wasn’t completely fair because most of WF’s produce is organic and therefore more pricey to begin with.


Still, isn’t it tempting to buy from Whole Foods when their displays look so fresh and bountiful?

P1000534So, based on the results of the first 2 rounds, I’m sticking to my usual routine — head to Whole Foods for nuts, some spices, lettuce, and organic foods; Harris Teeter for anything else. Though I was surprised to see that Whole Foods has cheaper beer than Harris Teeter!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. This episode is called The Story of Friends Who Like to Wake Up and Hang Out at 6 a.m.

DSC02620Thanks for the great conversation this morning, ladies! We clocked in a little over five miles and each breath was blissful thanks to 50-degree temps.


You can put a price on organic portabella mushrooms, but you can’t put a price on things like sunrises and good friends.

  • Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?
  • What are your frugal grocery store tips?
  • What is/was your run today?


  1. I love Harris Teeter and Publix. We have WF and TJ’s, but they’re much more out of the way. And we wouldn’t buy enough from them to make it a regular thing. And buying things that are on that awesome B2G3(free) deal that HT has!

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