Finally, a ice-less, frost-less, freezing-less day that made running fun again.


Even if it was still dark and cloudy, I’ll take cool over frigid any day. Fitting in more than 6-7 miles before work means a little less sleep and a little more dark, but I think that having one longer run on Monday or Tuesday sure does help with my weekend long runs as the miles pile up for my marathon.


Speaking of pile up, looks like I’ve got some shots from Sunday that are just too good not to share. The first pileup is a bunch of bread chunks that we stumbled across on 14th St. NW Sunday afternoon. Not even the birds could eat all this bread. So random, so DC.


(And yes, “pileup” is a noun; “pile up” is a verb, for any of you who would ever accuse me of polluting this blog with a typo!!)

Similarly, Anthony and I also enjoyed a pile of froyo as the weekend came to a close:


Which was so cold and sweet that we needed to top it off with some hot, bitter coffee. Why is Dunkin Donut’s coffee so good? If you feel like wasting some time pondering this question, I’d recommend this entertaining thread of thoughts on the issue.


Anthony and I really love taking Sunday strolls and have sort of formed a Sunday walk habit. We also realized that we needed some cutesy photos since we are engaged now… and called on Kevin to capture us strolling oh-so-naturally through Meridian hill park at the end of our strut.

Because I know you can’t wait to get your save the date card, here is a sneak peak into our future careers as models…


Anthony totally picks me up perfectly and swings me around all the time, no big deal.


Until I make it big time on the runway though, I guess I still have to go to my normal job. Have a good day!

  • Have you ever wanted to be a model or been a model?
  • Longest run you fit in during the week?
  • Do you think DD coffee is #1?











  1. Aw, you two… You make me blush you guys are so cute! Never really cared about being the typical runway model, always thought it’d be cool to be a catalog model though (not as many pressures to be at a BMI of like 14). Longest run (ever) on a weekday for me was 7.5 miles, which made me late for work. Oh well.

    I ❤ DD. Nuff said.

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