party animals

Look who’s back (and overexposed thanks to my supreme photography skills):


Anthony and I started this little tradition a long time ago where when when of us returns from traveling, the other cooks them dinner. It was an awesome deal because we both used to travel for work; but since I started a new job in July, it’s been COMPLETELY ONE-SIDED. What a terrible deal.

Just kidding, because 1) I like Anthony and don’t mind at all; and 2) he brings me presents when he comes home. Such as:


I didn’t even know how much I wanted and needed a bottle of small-batch handcrafted gin from Scotland! BUT now that I’ve tasted it, it will have to be a pantry staple forever.

Unlike most gins, the expert alcoholics in Europe recommend you mix Hendrick’s with cucumber — not lime — and tonic. So we did just that.


And the food? I went with a “comfort food” theme and whipped up some meatloaf — one of the few recipes I’ve actually repeated. Unlike your typical meatloaf, though, this magical meatloaf subs low-fat turkey meat and plenty of veggies in place of beef.


In addition to making Anthony dress up for our “date night,” I jazzed up the ambiance with some music and candles — which, it turns out, might have made us eat less (though I highly doubt it, haha). But really.  This article is based on a recent study that shows that low lighting and soft music makes people feel more like they’re “fine dining,” and thus causes them to consume fewer calories.

Anthony wasn’t sure if it was high noon, breakfast, or midnight by the time we finished dinner…. and luckily I can sleep anytime, anywhere… so we passed out by 10 p.m. Party animals.

This morning we went to the gym, which I’m only mentioning so I can share this brilliant photo of my OMG-I-can’t-lift-this-piece-of-junk face.


And on that note, it’s time to let the party continue! Today’s the first day where it’s not 10 degrees out so we are going to get in the sun ASAP.

  • Do you light candles/listen to music over dinner or other meals?
  • What’s your favorite liquor?
  • Meatloaf: beef or turkey?


  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    I just rescued your comment from my spam folder… glad to have found you! You have a great writing style and sense of humor. 🙂 Dinner looks delish- Anthony’s lucky he travels so much!

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