good, bad, best

The good news: My weekend long run was a success!


The bad news: my camera died after I took this photo and the rest of this 14.5-miler will remain a mystery forever.

Other than that, though, it was a good jog. I took it slow and steady with the DC Road Runners — in part because I’m taking it easy as I get back into longer distances, and in part because the snowy spots slowed us down!

Good thing I actually did something last night and thus have more photos to support this really thrilling narrative. Last night Daniela and I were going to stay in and sit on the couch, but we decided at the last minute to be fancier and go to DC Reynolds!!!! Yep, that many exclamation points are needed because this place has happy hour on Friday and it goes until 9 p.m.


Just like last time, DC Reynolds didn’t disappoint. This little Petworth spot has a great crowd and a fun selection of beers.


It’s pretty hipster, but luckily we were both wearing large scarves and accidentally ordered really dark beers instead of lagers so we fit right in.

If having really squinty eyes also makes you hipster, then I totally rocked this joint.


We’ve gone over the good and the bad. What’s the best? The fact that ANTHONY JUST GOT HOME!

  • Do you regularly forget to charge your electronics?
  • Are you a hipster.
  • Do you run in the snow?

DC Reynolds on UrbanSpoon:DC Reynolds on Urbanspoon


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