Not only is it dark out these days…


But it is also really freaking cold outside.
Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 7.51.49 AM

Below 20s is usually a cutoff point for me, but I seem to be breaking all the rules lately. Plus, Leah and Mercedes were waiting for me! I guess hanging out on Thursday, Friday, and Monday wasn’t enough. We have some really great conversations on these crack-of-dawn runs, but usually we’re all half asleep and don’t remember them afterward.

I started to thaw out by about mile 4, but by the time I got home I was ready for a HOT shower. But, unfortunately, the hot water situation was scarce, so my shower ended up being lukewarm/cold.

At this point, you’re like, “Wow, that is way too much information, I don’t care about what temperature Mary’s shower was today.”

But I’m actually going somewhere with this, which is that cold showers are actually supposed to benefit your body after a workout. Like this article explains, cold showers increase circulation to your internal organs and muscles more than warm showers, thus helping your muscles rid of lactic acid and possibly reducing muscle inflammation.

Also, I would not recommend Googling the benefits of cold showers unless you have 2+ hours to dedicate to the task, because there are about 1,000 studies and opinions on the topic.

On a lighter note, I realized I forgot to pass along this very meaningful scene that Anthony and I stumbled upon on Saturday. I don’t know how someone could just leave a perfectly packed order of pasta and fried chicken to freeze in the mulch. What is wrong with society.


This might be the most random post I’ve ever written, forgive me, I think the “feels like 7°F” went straight to my brain.

  • What’s happening in your neck of the woods today? (read this in the voice of Al Roker)
  • Favorite take-out food?
  • Do you ever take cold showers?


  1. Amy

    Yuck on the weather. We’ve finally warmed up after about a month of cold. And I’ve heard the same thing about cold showers, but a hot shower feels so good after a run, so I’ve never actually taken one after a workout. Stay warm!

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