points for all

Sunday (or in yesterday’s case, Monday) night can be tragic if you’re sitting at home thinking about how the weekend is over. Luckily Leah had a great idea to let the good times roll all the way to the end of our three-day weekend by hosting the girls over for a potluck dinner.


On the menu was an incredible sundried tomato soup, roasted brussel sprouts, and some homemade hummus. Notice Mercedes’s red shoes on the right? So fashionable, so chic.

And yes, Miriam MADE her own hummus. Major points for this culinary queen.


I didn’t make anything, but still earn points because I brought wine and chocolate, which are always everyone’s favorite anyways. I don’t know what I am going to do with the points that my friends and I earn on this blog, but maybe I can have a ceremony or something sometime.


In addition to our running club and potluck club, the four of us also decided to start a book club. Considering I now have a club for my three favorite hobbies, I’d say my life is complete.

One hobby, known as yoga, fell off the radar for a couple weeks but I picked it back up on Sunday. I usually do yoga classes in the evening or early mornings, but on Sunday I got to stretch out slightly sore muscles (from Saturday’s half marathon) in big bright sunlight, which made “happy baby” even happier.


The cross-training continued this morning with… CrossFit. Just kidding when I said I took my last class the other day. After considering the benefits of the sport in terms of overall health and specifically toward running, I decided to register as a regular!


I’m going to try it out for a couple months and see how it pairs with marathon training and life. I’m hoping it will: 1) make me stronger 2) make me less injury-prone and 3) make me faster. Plus it’s going to be fun to workout with Anthony and do crazy things like box jumps and handstands to Flogging Molly and other angry rock bands.

Have a happy Tuesday!

  • Have you ever made your own hummus?
  • What book are you reading at the moment?
  • Do you cross-train?


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