full circle

Since my fiance is traveling across Europe this week (Hi Anthony!), I’ve been getting really girly.

First stop was a much-needed dinner date with Melanie, who I hadn’t seen since 2012! We attempted to catch up over a fine meal at Maple, but since it was packed we ended up trying out a new spot nearby called The Coupe.


For any DC readers, I’d recommend you give this place a go. It’s owned by the people who own The Diner, Open City, and Tryst, and is basically all of those places rolled into one. They have a wine bar, a dinner section, a cafe/lounge, and a giant stand-up of Obama.


I hate to say it, but I’ve become a lettuce snob and much prefer arugula over all other lettuces.


A salad is always a good selection, but it was also Saturday. So we paired our greens with a side of mac ‘n cheese and a bottle o’ wine, of course.

Random, but one of my frugal tips is to order a side of something as an appetizer, instead of ordering an actual appetizer. At The Coupe, appetizers were about $10 each, whereas a side of this goodness was only $4 and just as delicious.


Overall, good score for The Coupe! We got a table and had to wait less than 10 minutes for it on a Saturday night, which is a big deal here. Plus they take your phone number and text you when your table’s ready… how cool is that.

Pretty cool, but not as cool as Melanie. After three years of friendship, we’re cherishing our last months together before she goes on a grand trip to Bosnia! Whoa!

The girly times have continued. Today Catherine and I met up for a chilly city run.


Our route was anything BUT toward the National Mall which has 1,000,000,000 people on it right now.


We had the best idea ever, which was: let’s get MANICURES after our run. Who knows what other brilliant thoughts we’d come up with if we had every Monday off of work.

Her jacket must have inspired me.


Choosing a shade can be one of the most stressful things ever, right? So much commitment, so many colors.


Daniela and Sam joined in for the fun. Nothing like gabbing with the girls and getting glam, right? I also love LV nails, which has a massive library of trashy magazines.


This girly narrative was flowing really nicely, but now I must abruptly let you know that…

I cooked a whole pizza from scratch last night and am really proud of it. Even though it is the shape of an amoeba/rectangle.


And we’ve gone full circle back to the arugula.


Happy MLK Day, and congrats to everyone who braved the cold and security Downtown. So proud of DC and our nation right now!

  • Favorite pizza toppings?
  • Do you get manicures regularly?
  • (DC people): thoughts on The Diner, Tryst, and those people that own everything?

The Coupe on UrbanSpoon: The Coupe on Urbanspoon



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