three-jita throwdown

I love Mexican food so much that I can eat it for three days straight and not complain one bit. Which is why I am not complaining at all as we recap The Three Days of Fajitas.

Fun fact: According to data on Google searches, looks like Mexican stands as the #2 sought-after food in the US at present (Chinese is #1, Italian #3).

Anthony, being Australian and Italian, has no hispanic roots but sure does make a mean fajita:


He whipped these chicken sizzlers up on Wednesday night, with some pretty simple ingredients: onion, pepper, and chicken. Heated up skillet-style, with some packaged fajita seasoning for flavor. We topped them off with a bit of sharp cheddar and laid a nice foundation for all of this goodness with a blanket of refried beans.


These were awesome. He even heated up the tortillas on the skillet to make them all crispy and golden.

Round two: Mary’s fajitas. On Thursday I needed to fuel properly for my big volleyball match. I went veggie-style and came up with this:


Similar to Anthony’s, but a few differences. My ingredients: peppers, black beans, and zucchini. Pan-cooked with some taco seasoning and a touch of cayenne pepper. Topped off with salsa, avocado, and some Greek yogurt.


Greek yogurt = healthy substitute for sour cream. I’d say my fajitas were very hearty and nutritious — and also cheap to make!

Come Friday, the Mexican madness didn’t end. First we went to a DC Road Runners happy hour…


Where all the talk about running and food and running and running made us hungry for… fajitas. We had a coupon for Fiesta Lounge near Dupont and went for it.

I captured Anthony mid-salsa dance. He’s holding a bag of leftover running t-shirts (if anyone needs an “I Run This Town” tech tee, let me know).


We headed up the steps and into the strangest restaurant ever.


Fiesta is an enormous restaurant but I guess they decided to only purchase seven tables. Lots of awkward space between parties. Bizarre.


We splurged on margaritas, which tasted terrible! Once Anthony said that they smelled like the wet ropes he used to climb in summer camp as a kid, we couldn’t drink them any more. The bartender actually felt sorry for us and made us a “fresh” batch, which were slightly less terrible but still practically inedible.

Anyways, back to focusing on fajitas. Round three: Steak and chicken fajitas for two.


Compared to the tacky, creepy atmosphere and rotten margaritas, the fajitas were actually pretty good. If I had to guess on their ingredients, I’d say: chicken, beef, onions, a few slivers of pepper, green onion, and a lot of oil.


They were okay.

In the end, I would rank The Three Days of Fajitas winners as follows: 1st place Anthony, 2nd place Mary, 3rd place Fiesta. Anthony stole the show with his creative and delicious incorporation of refried beans. I must say my Greek yogurt and whole-wheat tortillas boosted my score, too. Fiesta gets a few points because we got to have the obnoxious sizzling hot plate steam-treat our faces while we ate, and the fajita flavor got rid of the rope taste in our mouths.

Takeaways from the experiment: 1) There’s no such thing as too much Mexican food; 2) Never buy a Groupon again, and never go to Fiesta Lounge again; 3) Beans make everything better.

I hope this post helped you learn something, too!

  • Favorite Mexican dish?
  • What do you top your tacos/fajitas with?
  • What’s your run today?

Fiesta Lounge on Urbanspoon: Fiesta Restaurant and Lounge on Urbanspoon



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