DC pho-down

Greetings from outer space.


Last night I took a space shuttle to meet Leah and crew at Rocket Bar, a sports/dive bar in Chinatown that I didn’t even know existed!

The place has the tiniest entrance, but once you make it to its underworld space, it’s actually pretty big. Big enough for lots of foozeball, pool, and shuffleboard tables. Leah, her friends, and I were too busy having riveting conversation to play any of them though.


I still earned five points for myself because I stayed strong and sipped a seltzer water instead of booze. I’m trying to cut back on drinking during the week — it can add up before you know it!

DC is ranked second in the nation for best happy hour scene, after all; and ranks first in wine consumption. It’s a double-edged sword living in this city!

And now it’s time to enter another DC battle: my first Ph0-Down.

Anthony and I recently tried to new pho spots in the city: Hanoi House and Pho 14.

We got Hanoi House with my roommates for takeout a couple nights ago:


We all thought the food was good, but nobody was like raving about it. Then again maybe we were just too absorbed in The Bachelor to truly engage with our meals?


Pho 14 had more pizzaz and more fun stuff in the soup than Hanoi House did, and just a better flavor overall. This was Anthony’s birthday dinner (which was somewhat eclipsed by our engagement the day before).


This is what we live pho:


Though I admit the battle was a bit uneven as Hanoi House suffered the woes of being somewhat cold due to it being takeout, we still declare the winner: Pho 14!

(Though if this was a complete lineup of DC pho we’ve had thus far, DC Pho would steal the show).Thanks for playing, everyone!

  • Favorite pho spot in your town (if your town has one?)?
  • Do you drink during the week?
  • Who do you like/dislike on The Bachelor this season?!


  1. Oh man, I had never tried Pho…ever, till a few months ago. I felt like I was going to get sick so I wanted some soup but I didn’t want to make my own. So I went out and drove around and accidentally stumbled across a place called Pho the Bowl. It was packed! So naturally, I thought “it must be good.” And it totally is!

    It’s one of my favorite meals after a long run during the week 🙂

  2. I’ve never had pho! People go nuts for it though. There is a Zombie themed Pho Food Truck that comes by my work that my coworker always goes to!

    I try to not drink during the week. All that money and calories really adds up.

  3. Our favorite Pho spot in Philly is Pho 75; we haven’t really tried much pho in SF, but then again, we can’t afford to go out here! I used to drink often during the week, but now I limit my drinking to 2 nights a week…saves lots of money, that’s for sure!

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