Just because it is a soggy day does not mean that it is a sad day.


I hadn’t had a nice long solo run in a while, so even though the rain got worse as the miles went on, I was pretty upbeat.

Sorry person who lives on Macomb street. I had to steal your newspaper sleeve to keep my iPod dry.


Even when the sun came out, the wet was just too powerful to overcome. This might be one of the glummest days I’ve witnessed in DC, but I won’t let it get me down. Plus, it’s a lot worse in China so I’m still grateful for the fresh air.


I ended my route at Harris Teeter, because who doesn’t go grocery shopping at 7 a.m.?



Oh wait, the answer is 99% of the population. Which is exactly why you can find me hoarding all the fresh, restocked produce while everyone else is sleeping. Grocery shopping is pretty competitive in my overpopulated city. Back off my soymilk!

Actually it looks like Wednesday is in fact the best day to go grocery shopping. This article notes that most grocery stores put items on sale starting Wednesday. During my 3 years in high school working the retail rings of Hollister (you can laugh, it’s okay), I noticed that my loud, cologne-drenched employer also put clothes on sale come Wednesday. Another article also states that Wednesday is the best day to purchase gasoline; the Wall Street Journal says that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to buy plane tickets.

So basically, buy everything you want today and tomorrow. EVERYTHING. If you want to buy me something, too, I would like a Vitamix.

Speaking of purchases, you know what I bought the other day? Some really high-end juice.


Anthony and I needed a break from drinking (needed, not necessarily wanted), so Friday we kept it simple. I jazzed things up by splurging on this $8 bottle of… juice.

12Ntm was actually really tasty! Not overly sweet, and fizzy enough to be fun but not explode all over when I opened it. It’s pretty low in sugar and obviously has no adverse affects on your brain, liver, and entire being like alcohol does. Its fancy bottle makes it perfect to tote to a party or other social event where you can feel as classy as the wine drinkers, but not as tipsy as them. I’d definitely buy it again if looking for something easy, different, and non-alcoholic.

And on that note, it’s time to get out the umbrella and slosh my way to work!

  • Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
  • When do you usually go grocery shopping?
  • What was your run today?





One comment

  1. Good for you getting out there so early and in such horrible weather! I really need to work on changing my body clock so I’m a morning person, I do feel like I’m missing out by not working out in the mornings.

    The grape juice looks so swish, I thought it was a wine bottle at first glance. That would be a great non-alcoholic option for a dinner party etc

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