fun & random

Greetings from Delaware!


In addition to the awesome pair of socks I got Anthony for his birthday, I also booked us a trip to Delaware. It’s been really random and fun, which are the two qualities we usually seek on weekend getaways.

Today we set out for a jog and ran right into a 10-miler.


We made a few friends and stuck with the runners for a couple miles. Why not?


We also ran more, yesterday. Anthony really likes checking out different hotel gyms. He travels a ton and is conducting an informal analysis of hotel gym specifications, culture, and quality standards. Our treadmills faced the empty indoor pool and we talked about wedding plans, wedding plans, wedding plans the whole time. Woooohoo!


Okay now that the running is out of the way, let’s move on to the food. Big breakfast:


Means you can skip right over lunch until it’s time for a big dinner:


Last night I had made reservations at a fancy wine bar, but around 6 p.m. we realized all we wanted was beer and some cheesy pizza. Luckily Wilmington is full of pubs and bars so our mission was accomplished in no time.


We popped into a couple places and got sucked into cheering for the Ravens. We’re finally football fans!

We also made a quite a few friends at the bar who filled us in with football tips, love advice, fiddle music thoughts, and local history.


Speaking of history, we actually made some time to learn about this great state’s roots with a trip to the Hagley Museum yesterday.


We learned about gunpowder, coal, and the industrial revolution! America!


I don’t really understand physics and mechanics, but Anthony (and the guy with the sunglasses) is really keen on these manly things.


So glad to share this slice of history together. We’re industrial experts now.


The museum was fun, but I think the 6-mile trek there and back was even more interesting. Since we didn’t rent a car here, we ventured onto a local bus:


And journeyed by foot. Really pretty scenery right outside of town.



There’s even more to say, but brunch is calling us! Catch you later.



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