The good news is that is it Friday! The bad news is that I might need to amputate both arms! Somehow I skipped over it on the blog, but my CrossFit journey has continued. I went to two classes this week and pretty much died. But in a…. good way?

I’m smiling in this photo because the soreness hadn’t set in yet! I was so naïve.


The sad realization that I have no upper body strength plus the fact that my arms feel like logs made a perfect excuse to meet up with Catherine last night — who, by the way, is a CrossFit champion and is also training for the Boston Marathon. She is the bomb.


We talked it out and discovered deep and meaningful secrets of life, etc. This all took place at Southern Hospitality, like usual. Kicking back with an old friend makes for a good strategy to stay awake, by the way. I needed to stay awake and engaged because I had to trek to the National Cathedral for a 10 p.m. volleyball game. Yes, 10 p.m., people!


Despite the fact that I am only 5’3 and that my arms are not functioning at present, the game went well! So so fun. I played volleyball in high school and a little in college, so I sort of know what I’m doing on the court. Let’s just say I’m better at volleyball than I am at basketball — which isn’t saying much. But I think I’ll really enjoy this league and am looking forward to next week’s matches!

And the BEST news is that now I have a sore back and shoulders to match my arms! I feel like I’m made of rickety old boards from the waist up. Sort of like a pirate.

But luckily running really only requires the legs. So natural, so easy.


The skies seem to be saying it’s going to be a mighty fine day. A mighty fine day to go to Delaware, indeed!

  • Have you ever played volleyball?
  • What time do you usually go to bed?
  • What was your run today?

One comment

  1. I played a season of beach volleyball and enjoyed it despite being terribly ungood at it.

    I usually fall asleep around 9pm.

    No run today but I have a 200km (130mile) road cycle starting at 4pm tonight (it’s summer where I live).

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