renaissance woman

Thank you Leah for a bright and early outing!


We checked in on the quiet area of Georgetown this morning during our just-over-five-mile route. Looks like everyone was still sleeping.


Just for kicks, we ran down the dark and deserted canal path that runs right along M Street. Leah said she felt like we were on an episode of Law & Order, but I felt like we were like Renaissance women strutting along the river after a day of playing piano, baking bread, and sipping tea. In our Nikes.


I got to wear shorts because it’s 50 degrees out. Booyah.

After years of careful calculation, I have perfected my running wardrobe regression analysis. In case you’re curious:

  • In the 60s = Two short items (e.g., short sleeves and shorts)
  • 50s = One long item, one short item (e.g., long pants and short sleeves, or long sleeves and shorts)
  • 40s = Two long items (e.g., long pants and long sleeves)
  • 30s = Two heavy-duty long items, plus a headband/warmer if it’s low 30s(e.g., thick leggings, long sleeves, and a jacket)
  • Below 30s = Wear everything possible
  • And here are some Greek characters to make this more analytic: βδα / π (n) * (ζ (1,000))

I always wear gloves if it’s lower than about 55. And if winds are over 20 mph, I might add a few more layers too.

So anyways, this has been one of the busiest weeks of my life! In a good way, though. I had another date on Wednesday. A friend and I checked out Gordon Biersch for a drink + snack, a brewery only a few blocks away from where I was with Anthony on Tuesday!


Gordon Biersch is a small chain with locations in the Northeast. I thought this Downtown DC space was pretty neat. So big!

Yes, that is a pile of garlic on the plate. Don’t worry, I’ve brushed my teeth like six times since we ate this… but I’m kind of sad the smoky, salty, stinky taste is all gone.


As if ordering an extra side of bread wasn’t enough, we continued to carb load with some of GB’s in-house brews.


I’m a big fan of the Hefeweizen because it tastes like a big lemon poppyseed muffin slathered in honey and butter, and then put into a glass. In fact, I didn’t even have to open the menu to decide on my drink order… because Anthony and I actually went to another GB location only a few days ago!

Flashback to Baltimore: we killed some time on Saturday by sampling flights of all of GBs beers at their Charm City brew spot.


It’s always good to explore all your options, right?


I would receive a ring only hours later; but at the time, I felt like we shared a golden moment because I presented Anthony with two pairs of super-schnazzy Lululemon socks as part of his birthday present. Yes I wrapped them in magazine paper.


I really enjoyed both Gordon Biersch outings, but am happy to take a break from beer for a bit. Or at least try to. I think someone said things slow down after the holidays but I’m pretty sure this has been one of the swiftest, stupendous, and most surprising weeks of my life. Alliteration and all.

  • Favorite brand of running/workout socks?
  • Ever been to Gordon Biersch?
  • Do you run with friends regularly?


  1. I never run with people. I feel like running is “my” time. To relax, decompress and just be by myself. (I sound so anti-social haha). I have friends who are trying to get me to go out with them soon though, so we’ll see.

    That food and beer look amazing!

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