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It’s baaaaack.


Even though it was 34 degrees out, Anthony and I found a warm place in our hearts that needed to be cooled over by a big ole bowl of frozen yo. We tried out a different location Downtown, where I was shocked to find animal cracker toppings. Frosted animal crackers. That is a crime.

I’m pretty exhausted after such a wild night. You can usually find me in my PJs by oh, say, 7:45 p.m., and asleep by 10, but yesterday we really partied hard and didn’t get home until almost 11. WHOA!

For Christmas, I gave Anthony a “coupon” to Capitol City Brewing Co., a big bar near Chinatown that he’s always wanted to try.


It’s a neat place with a nice beer-loving atmosphere and plenty of space. Weirdly, I was one of like 5 females in the whole spot? I don’t know what that really means, but if we stereotype men for loving beer, than I guess this means Capitol City pours a good brew.

Anthony is getting really good at sitting still while I take pictures of everything we eat before we really eat it.


I was a bit nervous ordering a salad in a brewhouse, because venturing away from burgers and chicken fingers at such establishments can be risky. BUT luck was on my side…. This ahi tuna salad was the bomb. I also noticed a lot of other people (men, again!) ordering salads, and they all looked delicious too. Maybe lettuce leaves more room in your tummy for more beer? I just realized I wrote “lettuce leaves.” You’re welcome.

What’s the “ahi” in “ahi tuna”? Thanks again to intensive Google research, we now know that it’s a Hawaiin word for a type of tuna fish called bigeye. Confusingly, though, in the US, ahi tuna is made from both the bigeye fish as well as another type of tuna, the yellow fin tuna. Apparently, bigeye is preferred for its richer flavor and fattier texture. If only I had known this information last night, I would have asked our server what breed of tuna sat atop my salad! But, better to know now — at 6:15 in the morning — than to never know at all.

One other thing I need to know this morning was whether Georgetown University’s men’s basketball team won against University of Pittsburg last night. Just looked it up: they didn’t.

As Part II of Anthony’s Christmas outing, I got us tickets to the game. We’re trying really hard to get into a sports team in the area this year. Maybe Gtown will be our team (ifthey play matinée games, maybe?


It was fun to watch, but we were randomly placed in the Pitt cheering section and also were starting to fall asleep by 10 p.m. About halfway though the match we called it a night and sleepwalked home. Go Hoyas!

  • Do you like ahi tuna?
  • What teams do you cheer for?
  • Favorite froyo topping?!!


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