Let’s just start with the big news:


Anthony and I are engaged!

We went to Baltimore over the weekend for his “birthday.” I got him two new pairs of socks for his 29th and he got me a diamond ring. He’s always one-upping me like that!

He asked me at dinner, which was at an awesome restaurant with amazing food; but for once, I’ll actually just skip over all of that because being betrothed is the best thing on the menu.

Every time one of my friends gets engaged I freak out and need to put my eye about 1 cm distance from the ring. In case you are like me and the other 99% of all females, here’s a close-up. It’s perfect.


And here’s a close-up of Anthony. My fiance! In a really nice suit his mom got him for his birthday. What a good shopper.


We’re really excited and happy and in love.


So many fun, big, scary, exciting changes ahead!

But some things will never change. Like the abundance of street furniture in the DC/Baltimore area. After our big night, Anthony and I went for a run yesterday morning, still high on excitement.


We checkout out the Johns Hopkins campus News-Letter office, where I used to be a staff writer.


Other moments from the weekend are kind of a blur but really nice. We tromped around Fells Point…


Explored the Inner Harbor:


Practiced walking on cobblestone in the sunshine:


Met up with an old friend to share the big news over lunch:


And then headed back home! I can actually say I had a life-changing weekend and not be exaggerating at all.


And finally, apart from all the diamond drama, we still made more time to celebrate another big event. Happy birthday Anthony!


  • What’s your engagement story?
  • Favorite store-bought frozen yogurt? (Because the one above is Open Nature froyo, and it was amazing!)
  • What random things do you see on your runs?


  1. Congrats!! 🙂 My engagemeny story: I said I didn’t want a diamond, just a wedding band when we got married. He said we should start looking for those. We called ourselves engaged 🙂 Also, we shook on it in 6th grade, agreeing that if we were both unmarried in 20 years we would marry each other.

  2. Laura @ RunningJunkie123

    Congrats to you both!

    I was at the inner harbor this weekend too! My bf and I took the kids to the aquarium. I was dissapointed:-/

    • Oh, funny you mention that! We were going to go, but read on TripAdvisor that the whole first floor was under construction. Not worth $30 each in our opinion if we weren’t going to see the whole thing. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but at least the weather was nice? 🙂

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