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But, before we delve into the best day of the week, let’s rewind to Thursday.

I actually still feel the pain of my first official CrossFit workout. Anthony was kind (?) enough to bless me with two weeks at his CrossFit gym as part of my Christmas gift! I’m a lucky one!

I case you’re not familiar with CrossFit, it’s a “funcational” workout that focuses on flexibility, strength, and endurance. You do lots of old-school moves like pushups and sprints and lunges, Rocky-style.

I went to my first “foundations” course yesterday. It felt pretty easy at the time, but today I’m definitely feeling it. Apparently there are like 300 muscles in my back, shoulders, and inner thighs that I haven’t used in about 25 years. I didn’t even know they existed, and now they are clearly speaking to me every time I move. Ouch.


We did the workout on the left and it was really fun. CrossFit is waaaay different than distance running. Other than the occasional track workout or gym session with Anthony, I don’t do much high-intensity stuff. The coach kept urging me to “explode” during our workout, encouraging me to go all out. I’m so used to reserving energy levels and maintaining a steady pace that the thought of giving 100% at once was weird. I was scared I would die!

But somehow I didn’t. Instead I just had a lot of fun in this very no-frills facility. Hopefully I’m recovered enough for my second class tomorrow! Ack!


The instructor also thought it was weird that I smiled the whole time. I have heard this from every coach I’ve ever had in my life. I have no clue why I always smile when I’m running or playing a sport or working out. I’m honestly not even happy sometimes, and I’m still smiling without even knowing it. Weird.

So anyways, after that adventure I was happy to get back to what I do best this morning. This is one of my favorite trees by the way. Do you have a favorite tree in your city? I have a few.


It was 29 degrees out. Even on the trails, I felt like I was running on concrete.


Below-30 temps mean a few things: 1) I feel hardcore being one of few to brave the cold streets; 2) I get to wear two outfits at once, one on top of the other; 3) I get to dance at every red light to stay warm; 4) I tested my Garmin today and was happy to see it didn’t freeze! I’ve had running gadgets die in the cold on me before, so I’m impressed with how tough my GPS is; 5) a hot shower feels like gold.

Which means today is going to be a freaking fantastic Friday. Don’t you think?

  • What’s the coldest run you’ve ever been on?
  • Have you tried CrossFit?
  • What are your weekend plans?


  1. Haha. I’m a smiler too! But I’m not sure I would be for CF!! We’re thinking about trying out a box in 2013, but it’s hard because it’s so expensive and I don’t want to quit my other gym!

  2. Glad your CrossFit experience went well! I’d say my coldest run has to be in the single digits. I’m from Northwestern Ohio, so growing up, I went on some frigid runs!

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