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Usually I wait until after I run, or at least after I lounge around in the morning, before I write a blog post. But today is my first ever official CrossFit class and so I must adjust my schedule to make it!

Which means I am still asleep as I write this. IS THIS POST A DREAM?!!

Since my only news for this morning so far is that I brewed a cup of coffee, I thought it’d be a good idea to journey back in time to last week and catch up on a few things — I know, it’s crazy to think I sometimes actually do stuff that is not posted to the internet. Even the occasional food and run go un-captured on the blog…?!

1. Anthony and I went on a late-night New Year’s day run. We decided New Year’s day was one of the weirdest days of our lives; it was fun, but we were just so off schedule and confused from morning till night, you know? I guess it was being off work so randomly on a Tuesday. Have you ever had one of those days? So anyways we tried to refresh and reset our brains around 7 p.m. with a stroll.

Maybe my brain fog spilled onto this super blurry picture, or maybe Anthony turned into a ghost?


2. “Obama, don’t let me fall off the cliff!”


3. Looks like there was either a yard sale gone wrong or a nasty breakup on 15th and Q St NW. Tops, shorts, and undergarments up for grabs. They have an “urban vintage” feel.


Moving onto food.

4. Sometime last week, Anthony and I made paleo pad thai. We enjoyed it so much we made it last time, we decided to make it again! This is big news for me, because I always want to try new recipes instead of repeat old ones. Even old ones that I loved.


Of course, pad thai with real noodles would be delicious, but this spaghetti-squash based dish tasted really good for a healthier alternative.

5. Speaking of healthy, here are some double-chocolate chip cookies I made for a friend last night. Don’t worry, they only have a stick of butter and 2 cups of sugar and chocolate in them.

5a. Also, what is the ideal sized cookie? I always seem to make mine smaller sized than most people. I feel like you yield more that way and people don’t have to feel so committed taking one. I’m one of those people that breaks big cookies in half and leaves the other half hanging around for others to be like, “what the heck, who took half a cookie. How rude.” So I just make mine small so people can take what they want. Yep I am definitely not awake while writing this.


6. I came across this article from Greatist yesterday about vegetarian endurance athletes. The author, a vegetarian, writes about notable endurance champs who are vegan or vegetarian. Of particular note is Scott Jurek, ultra-marathoner and kind of crazy vegan. I’ve heard he runs with pita pockets filled with hummus and bags of almonds, etc. He actually has a book, Eat & Run.

Anyways, the author says that you can be an athlete and not eat meat and still be healthy and fueled for exercise. You just have to be dedicated and creative about your diet. I appreciated the list of high-protein vegetarian foods — think greek yogurt, tofu, chickpeas, eggs (vegetarian?) etc.

I actually was a vegetarian for about four months and it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t mind skipping out on meat, but I found that I felt it was a burden in social and group settings. I couldn’t share foods with people, or my friends felt they had to make special dishes for me. Then Thanksgiving 2010 came, and there was a deep-fried turkey on hand. So I ate it and that was the end of that.

  • Have you ever been a vegetarian?
  • What size cookies do you bake?
  • Ever tried CrossFit?


  1. I’m excited to hear about your cross-fit class! I tried it once, a few years ago. I was sore for like 2 weeks! I would like to try it again though, now that I’m more educated about it (my sister has been doing it for years and is now an instructor, so I like to pick her brain!)

  2. Eat & Run is an amazing book. Another high-level vegan athlete is Brendan Brazier, also now the creator of Vega products. It takes some doing, but it works!

  3. I’ve never tried being a vegetarian – I like Prime rib and hamburgers too much!

    I haven’t tried Cross fit yet – but it seems to be the newest fitness trend? Not sure I have the time to do it though…

  4. Berni

    I was actually vegetarian for 7 years and then all of a sudden started eating meat (weird). However, I was in my early 20’s and it was safe to say I wasn’t a ‘healthy’ vegetarian. Now in my mid 30’s I’m slowly going back to a meatless diet. So far have cut out chicken and red meat, but still eating fish. Will hope to gradually wean off fish too. I was originally hesitant as I have started training again and was worried about my protein, but so far I feel great! I would love to go vegan eventually, but like you Mary, I’m worried that it will become hard socially. I do have a marathon-running friend who has a flexible approach to veganism. She is majority plant based diet, but it there are no vegan options when she is out, she is flexible. I kind of like that approach 😉

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