finish him

Nothing like a cold and bright blast to the face to wake you right up.


Ironing board up for grabs, Calvert and Columbia Rd. NW. Get it while it’s still in one piece.


I went to Stroga this morning to stretch it out. I’ve shown you a million pictures of the studio’s front door by now, so I’ll spare you another shot!

I figured a little soul session would be a good way to close out 2012. The instructor gave us some good tips on world peace, the end of humankind, and a few other things that were a little deep for 6 in the moh-nin’.

Interestingly, though, she also encouraged us to work on “being present.” Coincidentally (or, fatefully?), only hours before I had decided that being more mindful would be my New Year’s resolution.

I came to this decision after Anthony and I “went” to church last night. We tried to go physically, but unfortunately our church was closed! 😦


So, we watched last week’s sermon online instead. It was about many things, but the part that really stuck with me was about being present and cherishing the moment you’re living in. Considering I got a double-whammy of the message this morning, I think it’s a sign I made a good goal for 2013!

It’s a good thing to set goals, no matter what they are. Last year my resolution was quite different than this year’s. For 2012 I decided to floss daily. Haha. And I did it! Victory!!

I personally feel like telling others about a goal you have helps you reach that goal. Having people hold me accountable for an accomplishment makes me more dedicated to achieving it. You’ll read that setting a public goal, is on one hand, one of the most common strategies people take to achieve their goal; but on the other hand, this TED talk argues that keeping goals private makes one more likely to reach success. I guess it varies by person, or by type of goal?

Another goal I have for 2013 (other than to continue flossing my teeth) is to play more video games. Last night Anthony and I broke out Mortal Combat and I realized that my life has been meaningless since I last played in 1991. Wow, technology has really come a long way! Although there are still some classic Mortal Combat scenes, the game has been severely upgraded in terms of violence, weapons, and bloodshed since I was a kid.


On a much less aggressive note, the sweetest person in the universe is coming to visit me from New York for the New Year! Meredith is joining us to being in 2013 and we’re going to totally rave. Goal is to stay up until 12:02.

See you next year!

  • Did you set a New Year’s resolution?
  • Do you tell people about your goals?
  • Favorite video game?

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