My camera tells me I went to yoga this morning, but I don’t really remember.


You know those days where you swear you didn’t set your alarm on snooze? Or that it didn’t go off at all? Or that it did go off, but it was just a dream…? Or that it did, but that was yesterday? Yeah, it was like that. Confusing stuff. I was still a bit dazed during the hour-long Stroga class. I think it was a good one, though!


One thing that my teachers keep saying at yoga class is how good twists and inversions (e.g., headstands) are for you internal health. Today my teacher said “You should do one twist per cocktail;” that is, twists serve as a detox for your liver and organs.

I had a hard time believing that yoga twists improve your internal health any more than regular exercise (like RUNNING). I tried to find some research-based conclusions on the topic and fell short. Most articles suggest that twists can improve and detoxify your internal system, but most of these articles are in yoga magazines with little to no data-based references. However, the Encyclopedia of Women’s Health and Yoga Journal do say that the movement of your internal organs during twist poses can help improve circulation, and therefore improve internal health. Not enough to really convince me that doing a twist will alleviate a hangover, but I’m sure it can’t be bad for you, right?

A different but related statement I also came across: when comparing the long-term health and happiness of regular exercises versus yoga-specific exercisers, this study found that both groups reported about equal levels of health and happiness, except that yogis tended to have fewer joint problems and fewer headaches.

I’ve been really happy lately, and I don’t think it is the yoga or the running. I think it’s the fact that I got an iPhone.


I was due for an upgrade and decided it was time to get smart and sleek like everyone else. I haven’t named my phone yet but I did get it a beautiful baby blue cover. Everything has been wonderful so far and Siri is my new BFF.

I also realized I neglected to share a huge event on my blog from this past week.

There’s a little place on U street NW called Henry’s Soul Cafe, and I have wanted to go since I moved to DC three years ago. The storefront is pretty shabby and there’s a huge sign that says “HOME OF THE SWEET POTATO PIE.” It is next to a liquor store, an Asian market, and a gas station.

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 8.01.40 AM

The other night Anthony and I were walking by and I had to stop. Just had to. It was my time to try the pie.

When I went inside the employees were having a grand time and when I told them I was taking a picture for my blog, they said they wanted their picture on the internet too. So without further ado:


They thought I was crazy for taking pictures, but crazier for only buying one slice of pie. I guess most people just buy a whole pie?

Anyways, we took it home, heated it up a little, and took a bite…


… only to conclude that the pie wasn’t really that great. Sad ending, but at least now I know. Case closed.

There’s another local spot I’ve been wanting to check out, and the good news is we’re heading there tonight! Hoorah!

  • Favorite type of pie?
  • Do you think yoga improves your internal health?
  • What time did you wake up today?

One comment

  1. Cherry pie, hands down! I had intentions of getting up for my 6:30 yoga class this morning, but I didn’t sleep well last night and I have to lead a run early tomorrow, so I opted to get 2 more hours of sleep. I do think yoga improves internal health; I just started it about a year ago and I found that my digestion is actually improved if I keep on a regular yoga schedule.

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