Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a good night. Anthony and I had just that, yesterday, when we trekked out to Southeast DC for Christmas service. Followed by a quick-but-delicious pesto pasta with chicken:


Pine nuts, basil, and angel hair always make me feel luxurious.

Our classy night ended appropriately, with limoncello-in-front-of-the-face poses?  We are on Day 3 of the Nobody- in-DC Christmas and are really learning how to entertain ourselves!


Remember when I noted how much we love Inkwell wine? Well, we discovered a new red blend from our favorite vineyard and were blown away by its bountiful flavor, again. It’s called “The Inkling.” Love it.


We were going to leave a glass out for Santa, but somehow it all slipped right out of the bottle. Looks like that didn’t stop him from dropping off some bounty…


We both got some awesome goods! My life has taken technological leaps and bounds in the past few days, which I’ll present in a near-future post 🙂

After a holiday Skype with my parents (hi Mom!), we checked Fandango for movie tickets… only to realize that the Fandango server was down. I guess too many people wanted to see a movie today.

So we beat them all by RUNNING to the theater in no time to buy our tickets in person. Boom!DSC02468

We saw Les Mis and I sang along the whole time, except for when I had to stop and cry during the sappy parts. Anthony didn’t know it was a musical and was a champ for staying awake for all three musical-filled hours. He earns 1,000,000 points for endurance.

We were starving by the time Jean Valjean sang his last note and dashed out the movie theater for the second half of our jog.


The long leg home couldn’t have been possibly with some refueling at Lauriol Plaza (one of the only places open!)


Upon reflecting on my blog lately, I realize it might appear as if I eat massive plates of decadent food all the time. Which is sort of true, but not really. This shared fajitas plate for me and Anthony is actually pretty healthy, as far as dining-out-Mexican fare is concerned. According to this article, chicken fajitas are typically one of the healthiest items on most Mexican restaurant menus. If you take it light on the chips and tortillas, it’s pretty much just grilled chicken and veggies. And don’t worry, we didn’t dip into the random little bowl of butter they gave us. ?? Also, we went with whole wheat noodles for the above-mentioned pasta dish, and made our own pesto with fresh herbs and olive oil (instead of canola or vegetable oil, which you’d probably find in store-bought pestos).

That bit of nutritional knowledge is my Christmas gift to you! And now that it’s 4 p.m., I guess it’s time to change out of my running clothes and play with my new tech toys!  Happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Have you seen Les Mis?
  • What are your healthy tricks/tips?
  • What did you do for Christmas?!


  1. Yum, limoncello! I have not seen Les Mis and I haven’t read it either (despite teaching HS English for 8 years…shhhh!) My fiance and I Skyped with my family who are all in the Midwest. We’re currently on the West Coast (but just bought a plane ticket to move back to the East Coast in August…so exciting!) Love the blog, will make it a regular read 🙂

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