Where to begin?!

First off, it’s Christmas vacay. I hope you are all relaxing with loved ones, not working, and eating lots of good food. If you’re not, let me know and I will be sure to eat an extra slice of pie for you.

The party started promptly as I stepped out of work on Friday and met up with some dear coworkers from my last job. We went to El Tamarindo, my #1 happy hour location in NW DC. You can always get a table, the servers are nice, and the drinks are cheap! Plus there is tacky décor and free chips and salsa. I’m pretty easy to please.


Before I knew it, the hours and drinks had amounted! Funny how that happens. I hopped on my bike and raced to Anthony’s. The unfortunate thing about biking fast is that your knuckles and eyeballs basically freeze, but it was worth it. I had to get there in time for dinner:


Since we’ve got a lot of time on our hands during this four-day break, Anthony and I have planned all sorts of fun cooking adventures. He whipped up a fish, butternut squash, and asparagus sampler that reeked of delicious, breath-taking GARLIC. It tasted like an herby-yet-sweet garden and ocean. Or something like that.

An early bedtime meant we were fresh and ready for a WINDY, chilly, 11 miles with the DC Road Runners.


The National Christmas tree was adored…


… and festive Christmas socks were adorned.


Not the best run of my life, but we were both glad to enjoy the company and quiet city streets.

The holiday spirit continued with a festive potluck lunch — quiche by Leah, salad by yours truly. Miriam and Mercedes brought the whole event together with cupcakes, eggnog, and coffee.


Our little morning running club can throw a good party.2012-12-222

Complete with a Santa suit. Thanks Leah for the awesome gift! I got a personal training session at Balance gym. Have you ever seen a personal trainer? I haven’t. I wonder what it will be like?!


And then… I found myself at El Tamarindo for the second night in a row. Being a creature of habit has its perks.

Anthony and I spent a long time there. Initially we went just to take advantage of the atmosphere and WiFi, in order to make  our afternoon of emails and work more fun…but of course, we eventually ordered dinner. It was one of those things where you both say, “Oh, let’s stop by for a while,” but you both secretly know you’re going to stay a long time and spend a lot of money. Well not actually that much money, because, as mentioned before, this place is beautiful for the budget.


It’s fun eating burritos and running around in Santa socks when no one is around and there’s nothing to do. Definitely a change from the usual pace. Stay tuned for more staycation!

  • Have you ever seen a personal trainer?
  • Favorite Mexican food?
  • Does your family/friends do secret Santa?


  1. oh my gosh your running pic is SO CUTE!! We are enjoying a little staycation here too…lots of silly christmas movies on the list 🙂

    Hmm fav mexican used to be burritos but no cheese now, so I’m having to get pretty creative

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