sleeping, socializing, sipping

It’s a brilliant day!


I was sooo close to oversleeping, but woke up just in time to see the city again. Sometimes I’m not thrilled to step outside, but after a mile or so, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.


Except for maybe back home again. After a long flight and especially long ride from Baltimore to DC, Anthony and I made it  home (well, this home) a little after midnight, yesterday morning. We would have been down in the dumps, but we were still on a high from making immense progress on the Santa puzzle only hours before.


Not surprisingly, the pace has picked up considerably since returning to DC. Work, errands, public transportation… oh, the joys of being a single lady in the big city! Luckily I’ve been able to put most things off thus far because last night I partied instead. First stop was my work holiday party; second stop was the DC Road Runners for a holiday get-together at Carpool.


Carpool is in Virginia. I can’t believe how massive this place is! Once you leave the District, space is plentiful.

We had a good turnout! Lots of running talk, as usual. DSC02360On my long Metro voyage home, I started thinking about the wine and beer I’d happily downed in the company of good friends. And go to wondering whether wine is considered “healthier” than beer. I think we’ve all heard that moderate wine intake can be good for you — but this article claims that determining health benefits or detriments of drinks isn’t so easy. Wine drinkers do tend to have a lower mortality rate than beer drinkers; however, wine drinkers are also more likely to exercise, less likely to smoke, and generally younger than beer drinkers.

So I’ll keep drinking both, just to be safe.

  • Do you prefer wine or beer?
  • Did you see the sunrise today?
  • What’s your favorite thing about going home?

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